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Bittersweet: The Hostetler Hudson Museum sale

2018 top-10 stories: No. 9 — World’s finest collection of Hudsons sold at auction as community shuts down its car museum

Mark Hyman speaks out, and speaks up for the car-collecting community

Longtime St. Louis dealer wants lawmakers to realize impact of tariffs and other actions

Leaving your mark (or not) at Cadillac Ranch

10 vintage Cadillacs provide a canvas for amateur artists in the Texas Panhandle

A mother’s love and a ’57 Chevy

Winning 'Love is...' contest provided money for a son's first car

Top 10* American concept vehicles from the 1990s

Since I wrote the book on concept cars, I've been asked to select my personal favorites. Here are my favorite American concepts from the 1990s

Top 10 American concept cars of the 1980s

We've reviewed the best concepts from the 1950s and '60s, and we're skipping over the lost-decade of the '70s...

Top 10 American concept cars of 1960s

We've presented Larry's picks for the best American concept cars of the 1950s, so here are his favorites from the '60s

Top 10 American concept cars of 1950s

Since I wrote the book on concept cars, I've been asked to select my favorites. I'll start with those from the jet-age 1950s, when American automakers were optimistically looking to the future

Teenage angst: Learning to shift for yourself, and perhaps to gain an appreciation for classic cars

Back when I was learning to drive, and perhaps it was the same for you if you are of a certain age, I had no choice but to learn on a car with a manual transmission.

It’s like Stonehenge, except made from cars

“But automobiles are about the same size as the stones at Stonehenge, and they’re easier to move because they have wheels on them.”

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