teen drivers

Teens and cars: Speed thrills, but also kills

Other than the collector car auction and car show calendars, there seems to be no rhyme nor reason to the flow of news releases...
railroad tracks

Secret revealed: I’d like to drive a hi-rail

I knew I shouldn’t have clicked the “open” button on the news release, but I couldn’t help myself, and now it’s a couple of...
U.E. Patrick

Remembering Pat Patrick

Editor’s note: U.E. “Pat” Patrick, three-time Indy 500-winning car owner and co-founder with Roger Penske of Championship Auto Racing Teams, died this week in...
Tesla Starman

Blasts from the past: Pratte, Max, Starman and Bizzarrini

Remember Ron Pratte, front-row bidder at so many Barrett-Jackson auctions — until he sold his amazing car collection at Barrett-Jackson for $40.44 million in...

My 2020: Trips not taken, travel undone

Oh, the plans I had made for 2020! There was the annual drive back to Michigan, dropping of nearly two dozen boxes of automotive...
Route 66

Don’t wait for 2026 to get your kicks on Route 66

The Mother Road, historic Route 66, has been traveled by families fleeing famine and poverty, as depicted in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath,...

Rear view: No. 6 – Year began with such optimism

Year in Review Oh, how soon we forget. Yes, 2020 has been a dismal year, but back in January, following Mecum’s massive sale in Kissimmee...

The 10-worst (and perhaps most dangerous) celebrity drivers

A recent study by All Car Leasing found the top-10 worst celebrity drivers who have the most dangerous driving offenses on their record: DMX Photos from...
Wood Bros.

Wood Brothers win FIA Heritage honors

The Wood Brothers racing team is known for its 70-year history in American stock car racing, but the multi-generational family team also applied its...
Donald Davidson

An Indy institution is retiring

Yes, there were Colin Chapman and other British car builders with their revolutionary rear-engine racing machines, driven to victory in the Indianapolis 500 by...