1957 Jaguar XKSS continuation

Auction analysis: Jaguar continuation cars have become collectible stars

This past weekend, RM Sotheby’s held a single-consignor auction in Elkhart, Indiana, and sales numbers at this live and online sale were strong, with...
Isolation Island

British bias? Andy and Dirk should have won for their Isolation Island concours

Yes, I’m bummed. Our own Andy Reid and his Belgian photographer sidekick Dirk de Jager did not win the top prize in the Historic...
Chloe Chambers

I don’t understand the fuss about slalom-driving record

I’ve been busy lately, but was cleaning out my email inbox and came across a news release from Porsche Cars North America about 16-year-old...
1960 Valiant

Cars don’t change, but our tastes certainly do

When it was brand new and I was a brand-new teenager, I thought the Plymouth Valiant was perhaps the ugliest new vehicle on the...

September is Restoration and Customization Month

As we enter September, where under normal circumstances, it’s back to school time, the summer comes to a close with Labor Day, fall colors...
favorite roads

It’s the roads, not the vehicle that make the trip worth taking

This may seem strange coming from someone who has made his living for the past 30-plus years writing about cars, but while working on...

I don’t understand the need for speed in cross-country driving

I saw a headline the other day that the cross-country driving record (aka Cannonball Run) had been lowered yet again. I refused to click...

The Journal Podcast: Wade Kawasaki

This week on the podcast, we have friendly chat with Legendary Companies President, former SEMA Chairman and car collector, Wade Kawasaki. He has a...

Thank you Mr. Penske

2020 has been a bizarre year. Ok, before you say, “Thank you, Captain Obvious,” realize that there are many things that we will never get...

Great Roads: Arizona high-country and historic-town tour

Everybody who’s into driving (or riding) has a favorite road, usually some less-traveled stretch of curvy blacktop through a hunk of scenic countryside.  What I...