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Draw the Line: The men (and women) who would be king

Has the time finally come where automotive design professionals grab the top rung of the corporate ladder? Or, will they be happy with second prize - a box of crayons?

There’s really nothing new about this ‘gramping’ phenomena

There’s camping, traditionally done in a tent or perhaps in a pop-up trailer, or even in a fancy and exotically outfitted motorhome....

The rise of SIM racing as a spectator sport

Every year, during the first and second week of March, a tingle of anxiety creeps through my system. As a full-on petrol-head, this time...
driving gloves

I don’t understand the need for driving gloves

OK, I admit it, I might be committing an act of sacrilege here, but I don’t understand driving gloves.

The Journal Podcast: Cancel-Culture what will become of car culture?

It's cancel-culture on steroids! Join the ClassicCars.com Journal managing editor, Tom Stahler as he welcomes special guest, car collector, restorer, concours judge and ClassicCars.com...

Virus may be final affliction for auto shows in failing health

All of the news about the cancellation of the recent Geneva Motor Show and the likelihood of another force majeure involving the...

The Journal Podcast: Coronavirus and shifting paradigms in Car Culture

The ClassicCars.com Journal is pleased to announce the launch of its weekly podcast. Hosted by managing editor, Tom Stahler, award-winning journalist and...

Will New York Auto Show be next to cancel? Our expert weighs in

The list keeps growing. Yeah, that list. The litany of events that, due to COVID-19 “Coronavirus,” have had long, cold, very frank talks with...

Shifting Paradigms: Coronavirus and the auto sector

Without doubt, you can’t swing a dead cat these days without hitting into some sort of hysteria about the COVID-19 “Coronavirus.” It...

What are the top collector car events in North America?

One of the things I anticipate about the arrival of Magneto, the relatively new quarterly magazine from England, is the editors’ top-50...