Bookshelf: Sharing the flavor of the Salt (Flats)

Though printed in black and white, the photograph shows a rainbow arching over a dark stripe that bisects the flat white landscape...

Bentley-themed holiday gift ideas

The Bentley Collection has curated a range of gifts from its store that, according to Bentley, will satisfy everyone’s holiday wish list.

Museum hopes for world record in its parade of Teslas

The Miles through Time museum in Clarkesville, Georgia, expects to stage the longest parade of Tesla vehicles in world history on December...
Aston Martin residence

Buy an apartment, get a car, Miami style

This buy a penthouse, get a car thing seems to be catching on.  Earlier this month, architect David Adjaye...
McLaren Senna GTR LEGO Technic

A McLaren Senna GTR for only $49.99?

LEGO Technic opened its garage to a new track-focused supercar – the McLaren Senna GTR – and welcomes all sports car and...

Holiday lights and a special night in Monterey

Yes, I know. It’s only Thanksgiving week, but here we are showing an illustration of Santa delivering presents not with his usual...
Porsche Taycan

Another Guinness record for Porsche, this time in drifting

Porsche’s quest for world domination of obscure automotive records took another turn, or several hundred of them, recently leaving the automaker to...
6th annual Future Collector Car Show

6th annual Future Collector Car Show set for April 11, 2021

The sixth annual Future Collector Car Show is scheduled for April 11, 2021, at High Street in Phoenix, ClassicCars.com has announced. The...
1978 Lincoln Town Car

My Classic Car: A childhood memory comes to life

Growing up, my parents had a green 1977 Lincoln Town Car. As a young kid, I remember being in absolute awe of...

Harley museum explores motorcycle company’s off-road history

The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee opens a new exhibit, “Off-Road Harley-Davidson,” on November 21. “In the decades before America...