Black Badge

Rolls-Royce likes its ‘willfully disruptive’ customers

Rolls-Royce says its Black Badge vehicles connect with the brand with a subset of customers “with willfully disruptive intentions,” buyers who “seek...

Collector car community called to action

You haven’t been paying attention if you are not aware of SEMA’s support for the RPM Act, but it isn’t the only...
ford v ferrari

Meet the reel stars of ‘Ford v Ferrari’

Asked to identify the stars of the Oscar-nominated film Ford v Ferrari, you’d likely respond with the names Christian Bale and Matt...

It’s not all Shelbys at Cars and Coffee Las Vegas

Each Saturday morning, the parking lot of the Shelby Heritage Center, located just off The Strip in Las Vegas, serves as the...

Racing to the movies – ‘Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story’

Lewis Hamilton is poised to become the winningest driver in Formula One history. Many think he may be the greatest of all...

Bicester plans to enhance its airfield, historic aviation programs

Bicester Motion, the former RAF airbase reborn as Bicester Heritage, a major collector car center in England, has set a strategy to...
best of best

Once unclaimed 1958 Ferrari takes ‘Best of Best’ honors

A car that has done well both on the race track and the show circuit has won “Best of the Best” accolades...

A century later, Citroen plans another Sahara crossing – with electric vehicles

In mid-December of 1922, Citroen had what it called “the audacity” to attempt to drive motorized vehicles across the Sahara. The drive...

Want to buy a Greenwood Corvette for $5,000? Casey Putsch has one

Casey Putsch of the not-for-profit Genius Garage in Toledo, Ohio, is offering a 1969 Greenwood-bodied Corvette C3 race car, known as “Sluggy,” that has...

Carlisle Event’s Winter Autofest, plus other concours and event news

Carlisle Events’ Winter AutoFest arrives in Lakeland, Florida, for three days of car festivities at the Sun n’ Fun Expo Campus from...