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The Drive with Alan Taylor: Selling your classic cars

Listen as the radio/TV host and guests talk about AutoHunter, Bob Nordskog’s Datsun 240z, a 20005 SRT 10 Viper truck and more

In a recent episode of “The Drive with Alan Taylor,” Taylor invites returning guest Dick Messer, classic car expert, to talk about Taylor’s success auctioning his Shelby GT500 on AutoHunter for a comfortable $115,000.

The duo then talk about cars in their collections they’ve sold in the past like Messer’s Bob Nordskog Datsun 240z converted with a 350 Chevy engine and Taylor’s 2002 Thunderbird.

Karl Brauer, executive analyst for ISeeCars.com, joins the show to talk about Tesla, the new Ford 150 Lightning and the pros and cons of other electric vehicles on the market.

They wrap up the show sharing special memories from their favorite family road trips.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00:00] – Goodbye Shelby

[00:05:30] – Just Want To Drive It!

[00:12:31] – Car Collecting

[00:19:52] – Car Culture in Florida

[00:28:28] – Lack of Infrastructures

[00:35:54] – Online Purchasing

[00:48:25] – Knocked It Out of the Park

[00:54:46] – New York Auto Show

[01:02:07] – Swiss Army Knife of Trucks

[01:10:43] – Either Or!

[01:18:07] – Road Trips

To learn more about “The Drive with Alan Taylor,” visit the podcast’s website.

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