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The Drive With Alan Taylor: If the “crown” fits, wear it! The global introduction of the 2023 Crown Hybrid Sedan

Listen as the radio/TV host and guests talk about the latest automotive news


In the latest episode of “The Drive with Alan Taylor”, Alan welcomes contributor and friend Karl Brauer, automotive industry analyst, Forbes Autos Contributor, North American Car and Truck of the Year juror, and board member and executive analyst for The guys discuss a recent study on how many drivers have switched over to a hybrid. Where is it changing the most? Where has it gone up the most? Mississippi 241%, Hawaii, then Utah.  Growth in unexpected areas says Karl.

Next the gentlemen discuss the global unveiling of the new 2023 Toyota Crown sedan. A standard hybrid, all-wheel drive. The base engine will get 38 mpg, but the performance version will only go 28 mpg, however it will have a turbo-charged engine that’s tuned to make maximum torque between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm. Gonna’ feel like a rocket ship. Karl says that he is not an “anti” electric car guy. 

He and Alan talk about how the Ford Mustang Mach E was profitable when they first started selling it, but not anymore. With infrastructure issues, cost issues, profit issues, supply chain issues cars aren’t being made as fast -not only EV’s, but gas powered as well. Projections are not being met, Karl says, the word that should be used is “aspiration” instead of “projection”.

Joining Alan next is Brian Moody, executive editor of Alan shares with Moody about working on his 1979 Chevy half ton C10 short bed with a factory big block 454 engine. He compares it to the 2023 Raptor R with the Shelby GT 500 engine, the TRX with the Dodge Hellcat engine. Alan is gearing up to take it to Hot August Nights. 

Alan asks Moody if people put specialty vehicles on Autotrader?

Yes, from classics 50-80’s, late 80’s to 90’s, to newer things. In fact he has a 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser straight-6 turbo diesel with 13k miles, if you know, you know! Next they discuss how BMW is up-charging through subscriptions; in-car monetization. Brian says that’s a tough sell. Alan calls it “insanity”. Taking a premium brand and holding me hostage in order to use the heated seats. Insane!

Brian say’s there are more used vehicles then new vehicles in inventory. Average listing price is now down, because there is an abundance, that’s the good news. Bad news is that a new car’s average listing price is $46k, with options and packages over $48k. Credit is hard to get and if you do, there are high interest rates.

In the next segment, long time friend and contributor, BJ Killeen, automotive journalist and ‘Voice of Reason’, joins in on the future of car manufacturing. GM and Ford have no control when it comes to driver-free vehicles. 

They want to have up to 2500 vehicles that are self driving. No steering wheel, no brake pedal and made for ride sharing and package delivery. Alan says this is a problem. In case something malfunctions what do you do? BJ is concerned about being a passenger. Are you brave enough?  Alan says it’s taking away jobs and the human touch. BJ says that the supply chains for the car industry are “just nuts”. Getting simple things is absurd.  

She shares that Stellantis and Ford are talking about shutting down a plant. Alan expresses that the cost of vehicles now are outrageous, price gouging. BJ briefly sheds light on the situation with Carlos Ghosn, former CEO of Nissan who got arrested in Japan and was confined in his home but then escaped. He feels that he was set up. He explains how he escaped from Japan and ended up in Lebanon where he is basically a prisoner.

Closing the show with Alan is Dan “Boots” Longenette, founder and host of Auto Smarts Radio.  Calling from Westerville, Ohio, Dan shares that on his radio show he talks about NASCAR, Good Guys, and classics. 

“What do you think about manufacturers becoming all electric?” asked Alan. “It’s coming whether we like it or not.” Dan says it’s not affordable. Dan talks about how more and more of the upcoming generation are not equipped to work on their own cars. He relishes being a role model and enjoys taking younger car enthusiast under his wing to teach them how to take care of their car. He wants them to get excited about what they are driving. Dan expresses how he gets to do what he loves every day and that’s talking about cars, cars, cars. Dan quickly slips in that he is also an appraiser for companies such as Barrett-Jackson.

As this episode of “The Drive” comes to an end, Alan asks Dan as to what he would appraise a 1996 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra 41k miles V8 4.6 all aluminum engine and cylinder head? $50k was his answer. Alright gear heads and car lover’s, join us on our next episode as we bring in what’s hot and what’s not in the auto world.

[00:00:00] – Contributor Karl Brauer
[00:06:29] – Growth In Unexpected Areas
[00:12:31] – Projection to Rejection
[00:19:53] – Contributor Brian Moody
[00:28:42] – BMW Subscriptions
[00:35:54] – Good News or Bad News First?
[00:42:15] – Contributor BJ Killeen
[00:48:28] – Price Gouging
[00:54:46] – Escape from Japan!
[01:02:06] – Special Guest Dan “Boots” Longenette
[01:11:41] – Upcoming Car Enthusiasts
[01:18:07] – 96 Ford Mustang


Host: Alan Taylor
Producer: Dave Milligan
Copy Editor: Colleen Mahi
Contributor: Karl Brauer
Contributor: Brian Moody
Contributor: BJ Killeen
Special Guest: Dan “Boots” Longenette

  • Contributor: Karl Brauer | Automotive Industry Analyst, Forbes Autos Contributor, North American Car and Truck of the Year juror and board member and Executive Analyst for
  • Contributor: Brian Moody | Executive Editor of
  • Contributor: BJ Killeen | Automotive Journalist and Voice of Reason
  • Special Guest: Dan “Boots” Longenette | Founder and Host of Auto Smarts Radio

Vehicles Discussed:

2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid, 2023 Ford F150 Raptor R, 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500. 2023 Toyota Crown, Ford Mustang Mach E, Fiat 500, 1979 Chevy Half Ton C10 Short Bed with a Factory Big Block 454 Engine, 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser Straight 6 Turbo Diesel, 96 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra V8 4.6 all aluminum engine and cylinder head

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