My Classic Car: Amy’s ’62 ‘Miss Daisy’ Corvair

She likes her bling!

1962 Corvair
Amy Bamerick and Miss Daisey

I bought my first classic car in July 2017. Miss Daisy came to me in a two-tone blue with beautiful Roman red interior for only $2,500. The only issue was her color, which I changed to Roman red.

She’s a 1962 Chevrolet Corvair with an 80-horsepower 6-cylinder engine, four doors and split seats.

She originally came off the assembly line the third week of October 1962, in tuxedo black and Roman red interior.

A J.C. Whitney Corvair front grille was added, along with a Cal Kustom rear grille, fun things like ’59 Caddy tail lights, vent shades, tissue box bumper guards, just about everything that was an option on the car has been found and added.

Miss Daisy has found a great home with me and enjoys all her bling, even her pinstripes.

— Amy Bamerick, Syracuse NY

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    • My new 1961 Corvair Monza Coupe was driven 32,000 miles in its first year and required no repairs of any kind! Corvairs are wonderful cars!

  1. beautiful car, Amy! Great to add bling to it, and the JC Whitney grill brought back memories.
    JC Whitney was the Amazon for cars of it’s day….. if it could be added to a car, JC Whitney usual had it available.

  2. My brother bought a new 1962 corvair drove to work every day ran real good for years .then he got a new 1966 mustang of my best cars is a 1947 mercury conv I also have a 1941 ford two dr sdn with a rocket olds engine 5 speed I drive everyday in nice weather. I love cars. I also have 1955 chev,1956 chev. 1972 chevelle conv I bought new . I also like your corvair. I worked at a chev dealer in the 60 70 I did a lot of work on corvair .i now have my own auto repair and work on a lot of old cars .i had my shop in Pittsburgh for 45 years never get tired of cars

  3. You have a beautiful Corvair! I bought my first one in Nov. 1971 while at college. It was inexpensive transportation and turned out to be a great car. I traded my 1956 Nomad wagon plus $600.00 for it. One turned into two, into three…I now only have two but can say that I’ve not been without at least one Corvair since 1971. I currently have a 1964 Spyder convertible show car since 2012 and a 1965 Corsa convertible that I restored in 1994. I’ve put 196,000 miles on the ’65 since I restored it and still use it regularly. It has a built 140 but I have built a 180 turbo for it, and it also has 19″ BMW wheels both front and rear.

    Keep up the good work on the Vair and hope to meet you at a Corvair convention.


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