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2004 GTO

My Classic Car: He finally gets his Goat

My Dad worked for General Motors, the Delco-Remy plant in Anderson, Indiana, his entire working life. I was born in 1959, and all my...
Coetzer collection

My Classic Car: Children remember their father’s passions

(Editor’s note: The following was submitted on behalf of the children of Louis and Hermien Coetzer, a couple who died earlier this year in...
1978 Lincoln Town Car

My Classic Car: A childhood memory comes to life

Growing up, my parents had a green 1977 Lincoln Town Car. As a young kid, I remember being in absolute awe of just how...
1965 Alfa Giulia Spider Veloce

My Classic Car: Sharing the joy with the grandkids

I’ve owned my beloved 1965 Alfa Giulia Spider Veloce for 16 unforgettable years. At the end of 2015, in a moment of madness, I got the bug for a modern sports car.
1963 Buick Special my classic car

My Classic Car: Grandma’s well-loved ’63 Buick Special

My grandma’s 1963 Buick Special has never left Broome County, New York. She took extra measures to make sure her car was well-loved and maintained in pristine condition.
1960 Thunderbird

My Classic Car: Dad’s 7-year restoration project

This 1960 Ford Thunderbird convertible was purchased by the family back in 1977. It was an Arizona car originally and we had been looking...
my classic camaro

My Classic Car: ’74 Camaro Z28 became a mother-son project

My story begins in December 1973 when I purchased a brand-new Z28 off the showroom floor at Terry York Chevrolet in Encino, California. Starting in...
1962 Corvair

My Classic Car: Amy’s ’62 ‘Miss Daisy’ Corvair

I bought my first classic car in July 2017. Miss Daisy came to me in a two-tone blue with beautiful Roman red interior for...

My Classic Car shows you can fall in love more than once

In 1979, I brought a copy of  Road & Track into a Mazda dealer and asked if they were expecting any of the new...
my classic

My Classic Car taught me that we are stewards preserving for future generations

My wife and I bought our 1967 Corvair Monza convertible from the estate of the second owner. The car was being sold by the...