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My Classic Car: His 1967 Dodge Coronet gets totaled

One evening in June 1977, my next-door neighbor Conrad introduced me to a friend of his who worked for Bally Shoes. He asked me...

My Classic Car: Restoring Mom and Dad’s original ’65 Chevelle

On July 8, 1965, my Dad purchased a brand new 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS. This was his first new car purchased off the lot...

My Classic Car: He finally gets his Goat

My Dad worked for General Motors, the Delco-Remy plant in Anderson, Indiana, his entire working life. I was born in 1959, and all my...

My Classic Car: A childhood memory comes to life

Growing up, my parents had a green 1977 Lincoln Town Car. As a young kid, I remember being in absolute awe of just how...

My Classic Car: Sharing the joy with the grandkids

I’ve owned my beloved 1965 Alfa Giulia Spider Veloce for 16 unforgettable years. At the end of 2015, in a moment of madness, I got the bug for a modern sports car.

My Classic Car: Grandma’s well-loved ’63 Buick Special

My grandma’s 1963 Buick Special has never left Broome County, New York. She took extra measures to make sure her car was well-loved and maintained in pristine condition.

My Classic Car: Dad’s 7-year restoration project

This 1960 Ford Thunderbird convertible was purchased by the family back in 1977. It was an Arizona car originally and we had been looking...

My Classic Car: ’74 Camaro Z28 became a mother-son project

My story begins in December 1973 when I purchased a brand-new Z28 off the showroom floor at Terry York Chevrolet in Encino, California. Starting in...

My Classic Car: Amy’s ’62 ‘Miss Daisy’ Corvair

I bought my first classic car in July 2017. Miss Daisy came to me in a two-tone blue with beautiful Roman red interior for...

My Classic Car shows you can fall in love more than once

In 1979, I brought a copy of  Road & Track into a Mazda dealer and asked if they were expecting any of the new...

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