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favorite Fords

Like ESPN, we offer our own Top 10: Favorite Fords

During the recent Fourth of July weekend, Disney+ debuted the original-cast performance of the historic Broadway musical, Hamilton. To help promote the event, and...

Our Favorite Roads

What’s your favorite road? I have several. The rest of our esteemed editorial staff have many stories to share as well. August is “Our...
gray ferrari

I don’t understand why someone would drive a gray Ferrari

Editor’s note: Once again, there’s something about cars that Larry Edsall doesn’t understand. Hopefully, you, our readers, will enlighten him through the Comments section,...

Farewell: Segway PT production about to end

Paul Blart’s going to have to find a new set of wheels. The Segway PT that Kevin James rode in the 2009 movie Paul...

The Journal Podcast: Miles Ahead’s Ted Woerner

The most basic element for getting a feel for high performance or spirited driving is an arrive and drive autocross. Miles Ahead provides the...

July is the Journal’s Track Days Month

Here at the Journal, we strive to bring you the world of collector cars with engaging content, humor, and most of all, expertise. If it’s on...

Tom’s top-10 favorite car-related groups on Facebook

Like hundreds of millions of people on this planet, I have become part of many social media communities. Each seems to serve a different...

NASCAR reports FBI findings

NASCAR announced the results of an FBI investigation into allegations of a “noose” being hung in the garage of African-American driver, Bubba Wallace, over...
Bruce McLaren

50 years after his death, a hip-hip-hurrah for Bruce McLaren

June 2, 1970, was a Tuesday. As usual, I arrived at the newspaper office around 5 a.m. to start working my way through the...