The Journal Podcast: Wade Kawasaki

The SEMA Chairman discloses a 2020 initiative for the show and talks about the business with our managing editor


This week on the podcast, we have friendly chat with Legendary Companies President, former SEMA Chairman and car collector, Wade Kawasaki. He has a special announcement about SEMA too!

Kawasaki has come a long way in the automobile aftermarket business. His illustrious career began at age 12, sweeping floors at his father’s gas station. He has gone on to found and lead a number of successful companies that serve the car hobby and is a long-time board member of SEMA.

Most recently Wade was president of Coker Group and led a management acquisition of the company a year and a half ago. Now known as Legendary Companies, Kawasaki hopes to provide a number of products and services to the collector, restorer and customizer.

Huge SEMA sign was selfie central for show attendees

He’s a passionate car guy who can be found at shows and events all over the country. Like many of us, he grew up around cars. Kawasaki talks on what inspired him; tells the story of the purchase of Coker Group; observes the generational shift in the collector car hobby.

Importantly, Wade discusses the board’s decision to cancel the 2020 SEMA show, but also describes the continuity of the show, in the immediate and in 2021.

Lastly, Kawasaki discusses some of the cool cars in his collection. Amazingly, he still possesses his very first car.

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