Meet Teslonda: A Classic Honda with a Tesla motor under the hood

The restomod world is alive and well, but this build is electric

Back to the Future used the wrong car.

YouTuber Jimmy Built has combined a 1981 Honda Accord with today’s technology to create something he’s labeled the “Teslonda.”

The car has a Tesla Model S P85 motor paired with a battery pack from a Chevrolet Volt instead of the traditional gasoline engine.
The result is weird, scary, fast –- and So. Darn. Cool.

It only has about a 50-mile range, but considering a 37-year-old car is now capable of hitting 60 mph in under 2.5 seconds, who cares how far you can take it?

In a technical video, Jimmy said the battery required several major changes from the way it came out of the factory. He explained how the power storage system works and what he did to modify it for his project.

Another video showed the first test of the drive unit and -– after a little bit of problem solving -– it was evident how much power the motor and battery setup can put out.

Jimmy’s best video is atop this story. In it, he gives a full overview of the car, including his 1980s video game-themed startup screen. He walks the viewer around the restomod before showing how he turns the car on, which is quite a process.

After that, it’s all fun and games as he hits the road. Video from inside the car shows just how fast the Teslonda gets up to speed.

An exterior view of the car showed just how fast this thing is:

I only have one question: Where do I get mine?

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