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Pick of the Day: Rare, tiny 1971 Honda N600, fully restored

The diminutive Honda N600 was the first automobile officially sold in the United States by the Japanese company, arriving in 1969 as a 1970...

Bob’s favorites among the auction cars offered on AutoHunter

With record-high bidding continuing on a 1964 Ford Thunderbolt drag racer, AutoHunter passed a threshold this week with a new level of bidder activity...

Pick of the Day: 4-door 1976 Honda Civic CVCC wagon

When you think of the Honda Civic CVCC of the 1960s and ‘70s, you likely recall the fuel-sipping 2-door hatchback that gained fame since...

Pick of the Day: 1981 Honda Accord hatchback, a very rare intact survivor

“Now for something completely different,” as Monty Python used to say in introducing the group’s most offbeat comedy sketches. The Pick of the Day is...

For 2020, famed Japanese car show has gone virtual

The Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS), like so many other car-culture events held during the 2020 season, will take place online in a virtual...

Pick of the Day: 1971 Honda CB750, a motorcycle that changed everything

Sometimes a vehicle is produced that offers so many advances in technology, styling or performance that it is a literal game changer. A few...

Pick of the Day: 2005 Honda S2000 that reflects its racing heritage

Honda’s racing roots run deep.  Soichiro Honda, the pioneer of the brand, oversaw the construction of a test track in Japan in the early 1960s...

Meet Teslonda: A Classic Honda with a Tesla motor under the hood

The restomod world is alive and well, but this build is electric

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