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WD-40 Company and TechForce Foundation inspiring a new generation of transportation professionals

(Editor’s note: this story is sponsored by WD-40 Company) A new year brings along a whole new set of decisions and while the Covid-19 pandemic...

Here’s why horsepower is a dumb metric

Horsepower is often the first figure people throw out in bench-racing sessions, but is it really the best way to measure a car's power output? Jason...

How to remove car door handle scratches

With fingers, keys, and jewelry always bumping up against them, car door handles can get easily scratched. But this common problem is also easy...

1929 Bugatti Type 40 Grand Sport explored on Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno is a big fan of Bugattis. On a recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage, he featured one of the many cars from...

Video of the Day: Ralph Lauren hosts visit to his fabulous dream garage

Fashion mogul Ralph Lauren has what’s considered to be among the finest car collections in the world, comprising wildly valuable sports and racing machines...

Meet Teslonda: A Classic Honda with a Tesla motor under the hood

The restomod world is alive and well, but this build is electric

United Pacific producing LED sequential tail lights for 1970 Chevelle

United Pacific Industries is expanding their sequential tail lights product line with an LED Sequential Tail Light for the 1970 Chevy Chevelle.

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