The Journal Podcast: Building and testing the Ford GT with Rich Roback

This week we speak with Rich Roback, a builder and test driver on Ford's GT program. To celebrate their victories in international endurance racing,...

A youthful — and European — perspective on cars and driving

My name is Lars Madsen. I’m 25 years old and studying for a Masters in Business Administration degree at Southern Danish University...

The Journal Podcast: The Tech Shortage Crisis

This week on the Journal Podcast we talk with Tech Force CEO Jennifer Maher about the near-crisis level shortage of skilled automotive technicians and...
BRE Datsun

Against All Odds: The BRE Datsun 510 Story

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rujxd5Grxb4 Say three names in one sentence: Brock, Morton, Datsun, and pretty much any roomful of car enthusiasts will pause.

What will you do with your collection when your time has come?

Remember back when you were in school and summer vacation was over and one of the first things your teacher did when...

The Journal Podcast: The NASCAR restart with Michael McDowell

The Journal Podcast welcomes Front Row Motorsports NASCAR Cup driver Michael McDowell. The two discuss the "pandemic season" of virtual racing and...

New drivers in Georgia get a waiver on the driving test?

Sometimes I find politics to be quite entertaining. In many cases, encompassing all parties and commentators, it is stupidity on parade. But hey, Washington...
Senna McLaren

Senna: Can you believe it was 26 years ago?

Few drivers in Formula One history emotionally moved fans the way Ayrton Senna Di Silva did. He was a marvel. And it...
Love of Cars

Livestream program provides a gathering place for car community

Considering that this could be a year for the car world “where we cannot be together,” McKeel Hagerty didn’t hesitate to provide...
New IndyCar owner

Journal Podcast: Trials of a new IndyCar owner

John Stange, a Chicago-area businessman, talks about the trials and tribulations of putting together the deals that get cars and drivers on track. He...