Turning around wrong-way drivers, and tearing down roads that tore up cities

Wrong-way drivers cause mayhem and even death on the highway, but Czech automaker Skoda and a GPS app supplier have what seems to be...

The Journal Podcast: Laguna Seca follies: Narigi speaks

Earlier this month, we presented everything we had learned in regard to the management contract to the Laguna Seca Raceway awarded to A & D Narigi...
Trans Am

Book Review: The Cars of Trans Am Racing 1966-1972

Oh, the mighty Trans-Am series. An all-out war of the factory pony cars from GM, Ford, Chrysler and AMC. Next to Can-Am in the...

There’s really nothing new about this ‘gramping’ phenomena

There’s camping, traditionally done in a tent or perhaps in a pop-up trailer, or even in a fancy and exotically outfitted motorhome. And then...

Heroes, yesterday and today

Larry Edsall, founding editor of the ClassicCars.com Journal, and I enjoy a mutual passion not only for the written word, but for motor racing...

The Journal Podcast: Electric Cars — Why?

Join ClassicCars.com Journal Managing editor as he welcomes Car Coach and automotive expert, Lauren Fix. Lauren and Tom discuss the impact of electric cars....
Donald Davidson

An Indy institution is retiring

Yes, there were Colin Chapman and other British car builders with their revolutionary rear-engine racing machines, driven to victory in the Indianapolis 500 by...
Notable High price

What are the highest priced cars on ClassicCars.com?

The collector car world has its gems and its projects. Out of pure curiosity we went looking at what are the most valuable cars...

Virus infects any record for recent coast-to-coast speed drives

In 1971, Dan Gurney and Brock Yates left the Red Ball Garage in New York City in a borrowed Ferrari Daytona and 35 hours,...
teen drivers

Teens and cars: Speed thrills, but also kills

Other than the collector car auction and car show calendars, there seems to be no rhyme nor reason to the flow of news releases...