The Journal Podcast: Electric Cars — Why?

Join ClassicCars.com Journal Managing editor as he welcomes Car Coach and automotive expert, Lauren Fix. Lauren and Tom discuss the impact of electric cars....

Hanging from the harness, wheels pointed toward the sky

Doug Shepherd and I were hanging there, suspended just above the roof of what was left of the Toyota Celica All-Trac, it’s...

Farewell: Segway PT production about to end

Paul Blart’s going to have to find a new set of wheels. The Segway PT that Kevin James rode in the 2009...

Perplexed engineers, the Rock of Gibraltar, and a tale of man vs. machine

The BMW engineers were huddled together, with worried looks on their faces.  Was something wrong with their equipment? Was...

The Journal Podcast: Laguna Seca follies: Narigi speaks

Earlier this month, we presented everything we had learned in regard to the management contract to the Laguna Seca Raceway awarded to A &...

‘Mickey Thompson: The Lost Story of the Original Speed King’

The name Mickey Thompson has mythical status. It’s a name that inspired so many to go fast. His name remains on many speed goodies...

The Laguna Seca Follies

For John Narigi, the new general manager of the Laguna Seca Recreation Area that includes WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, we must offer...
Niki Lauda

Book Review: Niki Lauda: His Competition History

Every once in a while, a biographical book comes along that is so exhaustive in its research and detail it is about...
road trip

Electrifying news about the future of the road trip

I arrived at an interesting intersection a few days ago.  It began with the arrival of a news release...

The Journal Podcast: Building and testing the Ford GT with Rich Roback

This week we speak with Rich Roback, a builder and test driver on Ford's GT program. To celebrate their victories in international endurance racing,...