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Like most of you, Nick has loved cars as long as he can remember. Every toy had wheels, every poster had an engine and fun came from anything he could ride or drive. The passion for everything that goes started with a five horsepower go-cart and a little Honda Z50 motorcycle and has never slowed. He's rebuilt an '86 Nissan 300ZX which he regretfully sold to get into off-road travel when moving to Arizona 18 years ago. Currently, the coolest thing in Nick's garage is his 1971 Honda CB350 motorcycle, a wedding gift from his wife to replace the one he had as a teen in rural New Jersey. Nick will tell you he's an automotive enthusiast not an expert. His interest in cars and motorcycles is driven by memories and emotions that these awesome machines of freedom and expression evoke. In his free time you'll find him venturing off on one of his motorcycles, camping with his overland trailer or maybe just catching an F1 race. You can see Nick nearly everyday of the week on his nationally syndicated TV show RightThisMinute.