Roads less traveled: Where are you driving in 2021?

How much did you cut back on driving during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020? According to the Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration, Americans...

SEMA sees emerging trends in classic car hobby

“Classic Cars, Modern Markets” is the name of a special 42-page market-research report from SEMA, which notes that it has revised its definition of...

How soon do we get back to normal?

So, what’s the new normal and how soon does it arrive? How soon will be traveling again to car shows and auctions? And when...

Better late than never? NHTSA finally issues replica car regulations

At long last, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is issued its regulations regarding low-volume motor vehicle production and the start of sales of...

The Journal Podcast: Wade Kawasaki

This week on the podcast, we have friendly chat with Legendary Companies President, former SEMA Chairman and car collector, Wade Kawasaki. He has a...

Celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day

Today is Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD). While not a federally recognized day off, it is a recognized holiday, as the SEMA Action Network...

July is the Journal’s Track Days Month

Here at the Journal, we strive to bring you the world of collector cars with engaging content, humor, and most of all, expertise. If it’s on...

Student-built SEMA Jeep Wranglers generate $127,000 at auction

Money will be used to expand the program for the coming school year

Young drivers would rather give up phone than car for a week, study reveals

SEMA finds that one-third of drivers 16-24 are into upgrading their rides, including classic cars

Phone or car? 58 percent of those 16-24 would pick their vehicle

SEMA study belies conventional collector car idea when it comes to younger generation

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