Andy offers up his favorites from Russo and Steele at Monterey

Andy offers up his favorites from Russo and Steele at Monterey

And, yes, one of them is a lowly Ford Pinto

Of all the auctions taking place during Monterey Car Week, Russo and Steele certainly has one of the more diverse dockets. The cars range from muscle cars to sports cars to oddball and up-and-coming classics. 

Even better for buyers is that Russo tends to have cars ranging in price from quite affordable to more significant figures.

Here are the cars I most liked when I tours the inventory for the company’s Monterey auction:

1970 Chevrolet SS LS6

A super rare Chevelle with an astounding 450 horsepower, this Chevy would make the perfect addition to a serious muscle car collection.

1966 Meyers Manx

The Meyers Manx is the most famous of all dune buggies and is one of the most fun cars you can drive with a VW air-cooled engine. This one includes a removable hardtop and has been treated to a very nice restoration.

1968 Chevrolet Corvette convertible

This first year C3 Corvette has amazing paintwork and is powered by a 454 big block. It is bound to go as fast as it looks.

2007 Porsche GT3 RS

One of the top tier of newer collectible Porsche cars and my all time favorite modern Porsche 911 special edition.

1979 Ford Pinto

This Pinto (see top photo) is completely original and the finest example of a survivor Pinto I have seen. With a 4-speed manual gearbox and A/C, this would be a perfect car for Concours of the Lemons.

1972 Honda Z600

This Honda Z600 was the cleanest example of one of these early Honda car I have seen. With only 53,000 miles and a amazing mechanical restoration, it is a great inexpensive way to start a microcar collection.

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