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My Classic Car: Steve’s 1970 Plymouth GTX


Car replaced similar one he owned once upon a time | Steve Decato photos
Car replaced similar one he owned once upon a time | Steve Decato photos

I bought this 1970 Plymouth GTX through ClassicCars.com in 2010. It meant something to me because in 1978 I had almost the identical car that was borrowed — without permission — by my then brother-in-law, only to find itself in a collision with a bus.

Found on ClassicCars.com
Found on ClassicCars.com

After sitting in front my apartment for a month, I had to get rid of the eyesore. $35.00 was all I got.

Since my purchase of this car, it’s had an engine rebuild, new paint, upholstery, etc.

Thanks ClassicCars.com for bringing a GTX back to me.

— Steve Decato, Rockland ME




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  1. 1970 Plymouth GTX was a great muscle car in its day. I bet that 440 cubic inch loved to burn rubber with that 4 sped shifter. Man what memories with that ride. Mine also was wrecked by my room mate who took it out to show some friends of our how to get to a beer bust out in the countryside. He failed to turn at a t in the road and bent the frame…right after I had just had spent bucks to fix its tie rods, ball joints, shocks and new brakes. Oh well it was refreshing to see this fine ride again. keep up the great muscle cars of this great era of American bad boys!!

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