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My Classic Car: Jack’s 1974 Ford Torino Elite


Car wouldn't start when it arrived | Jack Slater photos
Car wouldn’t start when it arrived | Jack Slater photos

I received this car from someone in New Jersey sight unseen. Of course I expected a lot out of such a deal.

First of all it would not turn over when trying to start it, but I finally got it going. I really did not sound good. I wondered if it would be worth putting time and money into it.

Front-end detail
Front-end detail

Talking it over with my better half we decided to go ahead and start working it over. The paint was not bad, so we left that as is. The iterior was also in good shape after a good cleaning.

I gave it a good tuneup and new exhaust system. A new vinyl roof added. So were other things.

I took it to shows and it did really well. It now is a real head turner on the roads. I am really proud of the time and labor I put into it.

— Jack Slater, Manteno IL

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  1. cars are all about being happy with what you have and the work you put into it!! At the end of the day the only one it needs to make happy is you!!

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