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My Classic Car: Patrick’s 1965 Chrysler Turbine


The Chrysler Turbine
The Chrysler Turbine

Some time in the 1960s I was working as publisher of a newspaper in the California desert. Chrysler came approached me and, because I worked in the newspaper industry and especially because the paper was in the desert, they asked me to drive their experimental turbine car for a designated period of time.

The car was a real show stopper and received a lot of attention.

It made only a whooshing sound as it was a jet engine and would run on any alcohol fluid. We actually put a bottle of vodka in it and it ran.

After my run with it, I passed it on to the manager of Goldstone Tracking.

If they could do this in the 60s, why can’t they do it now?

— Patrick Dooley, Palm Desert CA

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  1. The Turbine Chrysler was an engineering and craftsmanship work of art. I believe the first shipment of retail units was sunk on the Andrea Doria. Chrysler could not afford to replace them. The turbine did not die. It showed up again in a 1976 LeBarron as an answer to the Arabs and their oil embargoes.

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