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My Classic Car: Jose’s 1962 Volkswagen Beetle


The 1962 Beetle | Jose Olivencia photos
The 1962 Beetle | Jose Olivencia photo

My first car was a 1953 Volkswagen Beetle (6-volt) that my father bought me when I was 20 years old. I enjoyed my time driving that small car. I liked it so much that my next car was a 1966 Beetle, which was my favorite.

The car came with a 1600-cc engine but a friend and I installed a 1974 1750-cc version with a racing clutch, pistons, etc., and I really enjoyed driving that small car.

I also have had a 1969 Beetle and 1972 and 1975 Super Beetles.

Amy and 'her' car
Amy and ‘her’ car

About a year ago I bought a 1962 VW Beetle for my 3-year-old daughter. Why? Because I remember my father buying my first car and I wanted to keep that memory and pass it on to my daughter.

My father passed away in 1977, but he is still in my heart forever.

— Jose Olivencia Jr, Antioch TN

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  1. Am looking for a buyer for my 1968 Volkswagen sedan….can email me your phone number and we will talk…Thank you

  2. What a great story! My Mom gave me her grey 1967 beetle when I turned 16, which she bought new. I wrecked the front end 3 times; always cost $300 to fix! 40 years later, and I’ve traded my 34′ trawler for another 1967 beetle!! Fire engine red, Love these cars!

  3. Congratulations to all of the fans of “Classic Cars .Com” and those who make this information reach our “Homes” these cars will never pass from fashions and more even if the owners keep then original as they were made for me there a number of they would always be my favorite and not only the cars but the motor; I grew up with my father who was one of those who never learned to conduse a car if you not drive; Indian, La Breta,Vespa-125 and others,(VW-Corvette-Porche 911-Mustang-BMW-Mercedes-ect.) and Motorcycles,(BSA-Triumph 1968-Norton) were my favorites;many congratulations to all and that (God) is always with everyone.P.S. this is a new year that is about to arrive in my plans to sell my (VW-Beetle-Classic-1962) for very personal reasons so if I do not change my mind I will publish the sale to all and those who are interested will be able to communicate with me:Jo,Jo,Jo Jose Jr.1962 vw

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