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My Classic Car: Bill’s 1972 Ford Maverick Grabber


This 1972 Ford Maverick Grabber packs a nitrous-boosted 701 horsepower | Bill Storer photos
This 1972 Ford Maverick Grabber packs a nitrous-boosted 701 horsepower | Bill Storer photos

I was perusing this site and noticed you posted an article about my brother’s (I am the older brother) Cadillac. It’s a very nice car and he has owned it ever since I can remember.

We have always been car people, maybe me more so than him. I used to drag race when I was younger and always was fascinated by the Pro Street cars with their “big and little” tires.

I decided this was one of the cars I wanted to build. Ford Mavericks have never been noted as collector cars and I found one advertised on eBay in Ohio. After contacting the seller a deal was made and I went and picked it up.

The foundation was partially there as the previous owner was in the process of converting it to a drag car, so some of the work was already in place. The car was stripped down to bare steel and completely gone through. I back halved the car and put in a Chris Allston ladder-bar setup with a 9-inch rear, 4.56 gears and mini spool along with coil-over shocks. It also has an 8-point roll cage and subframe ties.

The trans is a comp C4 automatic with a reverse manual valve body, Hurst quarter-stick shifter and a 3800 stall convertor.

Under the hood
Under the hood

In the power department, the motor is a “331” cubic inch stroker with Eagle rods, and crank and forged Probe pistons. It uses a Melling high-volume oil pump (10 pounds of pressure for every 1,000 rpm) and Miloden 9-quart oil pan. The camshaft is a very nasty Ultradyne soild-lifter (308 duration – .602 lift intake, 615 lift exhaust), with Scorpion 1.6 roller rockers. The heads are very large Brodix Track 1’s with 2.08 intakes and 1.60 exhaust, 7/16 studs, gear drive timing system, 1 3/4-inch headers, 3-inch exhaust with Flowmaster 44’s, Edelbrock Victor Junior intake, Demon 750 carb and a 150-horsepower shot of nitrous. The motor itself dyno’d at 551 horsepower so with the nitrous it makes 701 horsepower.

I am older now so this car was built for street use and not drag racing as I learned a valuable lesson when I was younger about parts carnage when drag racing.

I did take it to the local track (Martin US 131 Motorsports Park) for a test and tune to see how well it would run. On the motor only, with Nitto drag radials, the best time was 10.30 @ 136 mph. On the nitrous the best time was 9.48 @ 144 mph.

However, I was only able to make two passes on the nitrous before they told me I needed to exit from the track.

When asked why they politely told me anything faster than 10 seconds requires a parachute!

I am not going to drive around town with a parachute hanging off the back of the car!

It’s a fun car to drive and on the track it does hang the hoops for about 30 feet. It has won an enormous number of trophies at car shows and it draws a lot of attention with the flames on the car.

I thought this would be fun for you to post as a follow up from my brother’s post and to show how the Storers have a love for cars.

— Bill Storer, Lawton MI

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  1. I would love to own this car if interested in ever selling.My parents first date was in my dads yellow 72 Maverick he bought for their date. Which later became the car I learned to drive in. My father sold car when I was younger. I have been trying to find it for sometime. Both of my parents passed last year and seeing your car brought back memories. If interested please email me @ [email protected].

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