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My Classic Car: Tom’s third 1966 Ford Mustang



In the last 50 years I have had 2 1966 Ford Mustangs. Last year I go the itch for my third.

After looking for 9 months I found a mostly restored ’66 that my mechanic approved. It is Arcadian blue with medium blue interior and 65,500 actual miles. It has factor air, power steering, power brakes, and a 289 with automatic.

The third owner and seller bought the car to cross off an item on his bucket list.

The car was bought new in 1966 in Houston, Texas, and I live in a small town adjacent to Houston.

The car was stripped down to metal and repainted. The body and frame are straight and have no rust.

The previous owner kept it original, but I put chrome valve covers and air cleaner cover, 15-inch chrome wheels and new tires, 134a air-conditioning compressor, racing stripes, and added white faces to the instruments and air horns on it.

I had to replace the front and rear springs, rebuild the power steering, replace the upholstery and rebuild the carburetor.

The engine, tranny with a shift kit had been rebuilt.

Now I have a very nice-running and great-looking third Mustang. I love the way people comment nice things about the car when I drive it around town. I sure enjoy driving it.

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  1. I just purchased a 1966 Arcadia Blue Mustang. I am having it repainted, a 302 dropped in, a new interior put in and a black vinyl top put on for starters. I know what it will be like to drive it because I had one when I was 18 and am now 63. It probably won’t be finished until the end of September but will be worth the wait.

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