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Our Classic Car: Peter and Kerith’s ’round the world 1978 MGB GT


Across one of the bridges of Madison County | Buckingham photos
Across one of the bridges of Madison County | Buckingham photos

We drove our car, a 1978 MGB BT, around the world.

In 2010 we shipped the car from Australia to China and drove from Beijing to London with 5 other couples, all of us in MGs. It was a”private” trip, organized by the participants. We drove through 17 countries, including four of the “-stand” and Iran. 23,000 kilometers in 3 months.

Last year, my wife and I decided that as we had already driven three quarters of the way around the world, we should complete the drive. We shipped our car to Vancouver, British Columbia, and drove across North America to St. Johns, Newfoundland. 10,000 more kilometers in 2 months.

We then turned around and drove back to the West Coast via Chicago and Route 66. We finished at Santa Monica Pier and then shipped the car back to Australia. Another 23,000 kilometers, and in only 1 more month.

Some interesting figures from this trip: One set of tyres, and they’re still on the car. No punctures, and the spare is still new in the trunk.

No mechanical failures other than replacement of front brake pads in Switzerland, and the replacement of the electric fuel pump in Canada.

We did a couple of “on the road” services, oil changes and replacement filters, new spark plugs and points — all items carried on board except the oil.

Our car attracted a lot of attention as we traversed the North American continent and we were constantly interviewed by local newspaper journalists, which was rather entertaining, particularly the several TV and radio interviews we did. There was constant amazement that we had travelled so far in such a small car, and were made very welcome by various MG car clubs along the way.

In Newfoundland
In Newfoundland

I ran a daily newsletter email to a few friends which soon multiplied to over 60 recipients, including Moss Motors (MG parts distributor), our insurance agent (Hagerty) and several of the MG people we met along the way.

Channel 7 network in Australia did a live cross from their LA studio when we completed the trip, which ran for over 6 minutes, the theme being that “Grey Nomads” were still active. I’m 69 and Kerith is 66.
Goodyear tyres are looking at doing a promo on our trip and we’re now considering doing a North-South trip next year from the bottom of South America to the Arctic Circle.

Fuel line repair
Fuel line repair

P.S.: We are car lovers and have 9 vehicles, although we’ve sold the two Porsches that we rallied for 15 year. Kerith drove a 1963 Porsche 356C in major events here and in Targa Newfoundland. I drove a 1965 Porsche 911 in the same events, including Targa Newfoundland.


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