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My Classic Car: Gary Chittenden’s 1961 Ford Sunliner


Photo courtesy of Gary Chittenden
Photo courtesy of Gary Chittenden

Great story from Ed Fisher. I just sold my ’55 Crown Victoria and felt the need to own another car. I found a 61 Sunliner and bought it over the phone. I have always thought that they are very under-appreciated cars. Very elegant. Mine doesn’t have the 401, but I just want to cruise, so the 352 is good enough. I will probably sell this one as well and buy another “One I’ve Always Wanted.”

Gary Chittenden
Coldwater, Ontario, Canada

Many thanks to Gary for sharing his story.  Why not share yours?

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  1. Ed Fisher, thanks for the blast from the past. I owned a 1960 Ford Sunliner, white, black conv top, red interior. I loved that car. I had it in high school. What a ride that was. Thanks Ed

  2. If you ever want a 47 ford cpe that looks like it just rolled off the show room floor. But has A/C and a few more things. Let me know. Because .I have been wanting a 61 Sunliner for a long time.

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