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Tag: Top Stories 2018

Auction records broken in 2018 by Ferrari GTO, Duesenberg SSJ  

2018 top-10 stories: No. 1 – An Italian racing icon and a spectacular piece of Hollywood history hit the heights in Monterey bidding

This was the year of the Steve McQueen ‘Bullitt’ Mustang

2018 top 10 stories: No. 2 — Movie hero car resurfaces

Fires, floods again wreak havoc in the collector car community

2018 top-10 stories: No. 3 – Devastating blazes in California and hurricane damage in the Southeast destroyed lives and property

New owners and new venues for auction companies

2018 top-10 stories: No. 4 — Major adjustments made in collector car auction action

Modern supercars helped redefine high-end collector car market

2018 top-10 stories: No. 5 — 21st Century exotics garner top bids as auctions bring more of them on board

Collectors sought Japanese cars during 2018

2018 top-10 stories: No. 6 — First-time events included top-seller at major auction and a showcase at Pebble Beach

Record price paid in 2018 for a vintage motorcycle

2018 top-10 stories: No. 7 — Two-wheelers popular with collectors, auction houses and museums

Concours gone, born and reborn

2018 top 10: No. 8 – Four premium shows were absent from this year’s calendar, but two new ones appeared and another will be added in 2019

Bittersweet: The Hostetler Hudson Museum sale

2018 top-10 stories: No. 9 — World’s finest collection of Hudsons sold at auction as community shuts down its car museum

Not quite infinity, but to 2030… and beyond

2018 top-10 stories: No. 10 — Demographic shift and predicting where the hobby is headed

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