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Tag: Monterey Car Week 2017

No Monterey this year, so here’s a look back

Like you, I am sorely disappointed not to be attending Monterey Car Week this week. When you miss something or someone, you have a...

Sports cars from 1950s and ’60s top another big Monterey auction week

Top-10 stories of 2017: No. 6 -- Monterey auctions

How Steinbeck’s search for America led me back home

The camper that carried the famed author and his dog, Charlie, was produced in the little village of Gladwin, Michigan

Can a classic car auction generate more income in a weekend than a new car dealership does in a year?

It’s a stunning statistic, and it’s true: Weekend sales at a major collector car auction exceed a full-year total at the average new-car dealership

Vintage racing: 87-year-old racer wins Spirit of Monterey honors

87-year-odl Lee Talbot, driving a car nearly 40 years younger than he is, won The Spirit of Monterey award at the 2017 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Andy analyzes the 2017 Monterey Car Week auction marketplace

Our resident auction analyst provides perspective on what transpired during Monterey Car Week bidding

Pricey but dicey: Dr. Andy checks pulse of Monterey marketplace

It’s less than a week before the first hammer drops at the six collector car auctions taking place on the Monterey Peninsula.

Andy’s Excellent Adventure: Driving coast-to-coast to Monterey

So with Monterey Car Week on the horizon, what could be more fitting — or perhaps crazy? — than to drive there, East Coast to West Coast, and not in just any car, but a 33-year-old sports car?

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