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Video of the Day: Lykan Hypersport Genius Garage build, test-day

https://youtu.be/m1EpY5ULN_w There are many "foundations" out there that tout their support of youth in car culture. So many fall short. The Genius Garage program, a...

Casey’s 80s Garage: Racing seats in the MR2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNyXg2HhKwA Casey Putsch installs NRG racing seats in his 1987 AW11 Toyota MR2 and shows the process he used in fabricating brackets out of steel...

Casey’s car wash hack in the “80s Garage”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcbel5Qqn-I Our Paradigm Shifter, Casey Putsch tests his theory on ceramic coating. His 1983 Porsche 944 had a full month of daily driving and sitting...

Boomer Hero! The generational shift in the form of a gift

“Pay it forward” is a real thing. A baby boomer was so impressed by the Greenwood Corvette videos posted by Casey Putsch of Toledo,...

Not sold yet, but OMG! The offers – Casey Putsch and the $5,000 Greenwood Corvette

The Journal reported on the YouTube video and the wild offer with an even bigger caveat. Needless to say, Putsch has been inundated with offers...

Want to buy a Greenwood Corvette for $5,000? Casey Putsch has one

Casey Putsch of the not-for-profit Genius Garage in Toledo, Ohio, is offering a 1969 Greenwood-bodied Corvette C3 race car, known as “Sluggy,” that has...

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