Not sold yet, but OMG! The offers – Casey Putsch and the $5,000 Greenwood Corvette

Two weeks ago, Genius Garage principal and YouTube influencer Casey Putsch,offered up a Greenwood Corvette with serious SCCA, Trans-Am and IMSA provenance in the hands of William ‘Snoopy’ Wessel, for a deserving youth with an asking price of just $5,000

Casey Putsch gives an update

The Journal reported on the YouTube video and the wild offer with an even bigger caveat

Want to buy a Greenwood Corvette for $5,000? Casey Putsch has one

Needless to say, Putsch has been inundated with offers – some legit and some, as he sees it, nefarious. As he puts it in his newest video, “If you are only looking backward on the history of the car, you probably shouldn’t own the car.”

Putsch has launched a follow-up video to discuss the responses and the plans.

The point Putsch wants to make with the car culture is the current stewards are hoarding the cars and trying to inflate values – no matter the car. He firmly stands on his convictions that the only reason youth today are not interested in cars is there are so few opportunities, and high barriers to entry to car culture.

The Journal, and Casey, look forward to your comments.



  1. Well this made my day! As a 60 year old ….still pinning for my first corvette ….I agree ….and am all in. We must figure out a way to transfer our love of cars to the next generation this is a great way to start.

  2. Via email from reader, Mark: Bravo Casey. I appreciate what you are doing and could go on and on why that’s so important. I’m young, 63, have owned and raced vintage/collector cars. T/A history 510, wife’s, and 70s porsches. We have watched the car community age, and more importantly, price itself out of a future. I’m so lucky that both children we have are excited about receiving my cars when the time comes. Each have chosen what they like best

    My first thought on your offer was to have a school take on the car as a project to build and race. Maybe the less privileged. Our son graduated from UTI, not the right place but certainly an idea. Plenty of schools would love the opportunity

    Keep up what you are doing. You could be key to saving a culture. Thank you


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