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Interesting Finds: Turbine-Powered 1989 Batmobile

Perfect for any caped crusader


Regardless of what one may think of the actors who play Batman, the Batmobile is an absolute icon. We’ve previously reported about various Batmobiles, authentic or re-creation, for sale, and recently the AutoHunter Cinema team had the opportunity to see one up close and personal. Jeff Sutton checked out the world’s only turbine-powered 1989 Batmobile re-creation based on the 1989 film. This Batmobile was built by Casey Putsch of YouTube and Genius Garage fame, who taught himself the ins and outs of turbines specifically for this project.

Power comes from a Boeing T50 Turboshaft engine producing 365 horsepower on jet fuel. Combined with a four-speed automatic transmission, acceleration to 60 mph is estimated to be 3.9 seconds and top speed 185 mph, no doubt helped by its 2800-pound weight. The replica fiberglass body sits on a custom chassis featuring a custom interior with an iPad to help manage the electronics. This car sold at the 2023 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Auction for $220,000.

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