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Rare 1960 Ford Starliner Hi-Pro family heirloom stored in garage for 50 years

360-horsepower coupe comes from long-term family ownership


Between 1960 and 1961, Ford produced a star-studded fastback version of the Galaxie named the Starliner. These ultra-sleek coupes embodied Jet Age design with a pillarless bubble hardtop and star emblems along the roofline.

Youtuber and classic car enthusiast Ryan Brutt posted to his Auto Archaelogoy channel the story of a garage-stored 1960 Ford Starliner that’s been in the same family since new.

What makes this 1960 Starliner special is its family history and the rare 352cid Hi-Pro V8 under its hood.

In the video, Brutt is given the car’s history by the original owner’s son, who tells him that his father purchased the car new in 1960:

“My father drove it from ’60 to ’70 and then the car got parked and put away,” the son shares. He also recalls memories of being driven around in the car with his siblings and shares that his mother and father were married in the vehicle.

‘The family’s ’60 Starliner with side skirts on

After his father passed away in 1995, the son moved the car from the family home garage to his home, where it was stored away for another 25 years.

“In 50 years’ time, the car had been pushed down the street about a block and then trailered about two miles,” he adds. 

Until her last moments, the son’s mother told him to never get rid of the car and he’s keeping his promise as he is about to restore the car and get it running again. 

Underneath the layers of dust, the body is finished in Raven Black and equipped with tinted glass, chrome skirts, twin baby spotlights and blue start emblems on the roofline.

In the video, Brutt points out a hole in the fender that comes with a backstory:

“My Dad always said that he was racing a guy side-by-side and that guy’s motor let loose and part of it went through his fender,” the son shares.

You can see this car in person at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals event in the Barn Finds and Hidden Gems display November 20 and 21.

Racheal Colbert
Racheal Colbert
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  1. So, what it is now, is a very interesting project candidate. Understanding you’re going to have a motor problem to resolve or R&R. At the same time, wondering what else you’re going to find during restoration.

  2. There is no good reason this should need anything more than rubber and time aged parts to be in its glory… PRESERVATION.

    It is totally possible to make a new one.
    It is totally possible to make any aspect of it “better”.
    But then it ain’t what it is or was….and there will be thousands of cars that are “better” in it and other aspects.

    If there is any reason to keep and present it…do it for what it is from it’s loved and protected life.


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