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1969 Plymouth GTX barn-find came with a $10,000 surprise


In a recent video shared by HotCars, Youtuber and car-enthusiast Ryan Brutt stumbles across a 1969 Plymouth GTX that’s been stored away in a barn for years, only to find a large sum of money hidden underneath the seats.

In the video he posted to his YouTube channel Auto Archaeology, Brutt shares how he came across the GTX:

“I went on a trip to Iowa to pick up my green ’71 Dodge Challenger from Noel Automotive of West Branch, Iowa. While I was there, Noel was kind enough to take me on a little bit of a drive away to go check out a whole bunch of cool cars sitting in a field and a few in a barn and it’s on this adventure that we actually dug up $10,000 in the GTX.”

1969 Plymouth GTX money

After showing us the 1971 Dodge Challenger he is taking home to restore, Brutt pans the camera over to the 1969 Plymouth GTX equipped with a 440cid V8 that looks to be finished in B3 Blue.

Brutt opens the door to reveal the blue upholstered interior housing piles of magazines. Among the piles of discarded papers, Brutt and the crew from Noel Automotive discovered $10,000 in cash underneath the front seat.

“What had occurred was the owner, over the last we don’t know who long, has been stashing envelopes full of about a thousand dollars underneath the front seat,” Brutt says. “It was really cool to uncover so much cash hidden without anyone knowing about.” 

Of course, they did the noble thing and gave the money back to the owner of the GTX and the others cars in the barn.

Racheal Colbert
Racheal Colbert
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  1. Why does God bless others when he knows they won’t use it to help others ?

    I pray a lot for just enough to move to move on a lot of land so when we die to leave to his creatures, national park, to help a child with a transplant.

  2. Looking for the gentlemen who bought….
    Around 1990 or so my husband sold a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner, 383 4-speed pistol grip, painted Vitamin C orange.
    This was in Anderson, indiana.

  3. I got a 89 Corvette that was featured on fast and loud number one design number one series for sale $10,000 my #3609805820

  4. Just woke up to my phone sounding like a Fast car starting, it was your story about the GTX piggy bank. What a excellent way to wake up. Thank you!!! I don’t know if you ever come across any Chevy Blazers , some have the removable back roof to .make it into a convertible. I believe late 70’s early 80’s. My ex had one and his cousin, a mechanic crossed the wires so my ex couldn’t use it. He sold it for $500. I’m trying to find one. Best vehicle I drove in winter. Would like to find another. Would you keep a look out for me please?

  5. Owned a ’69 GTX with a 440 CID. It had ram air scopes on the hood with manual pull lever under the dash. It was a beast! So sorry I sold it.

  6. I will try here also, as a young boy of 17 my dad drove my car and stepped in the the gas a little to hard between 1st and 2nd gear and bout lost it, I remember this like it just happened, I was in the the front yard he turned around parked it and said SELL IT. That car was a 65 tri powered 4spd GTO. That was roughly around 1976 and don’t remember the guys name now but it got resold from a Texaco gas station on Wheeling in Muncie Indiana. Long shot that it’s still around but can hope. Just in case tho I am wanting another. Don’t want a show car but no junk either. Looking for one that is at least drivable while I can work on it. Email me at [email protected] if you have one you’re ready to part with please.

  7. Looking for a G Body Intimidator series, Monte Carlo SS. Early 90s. T-Top. If you come across one please let me know. Fixer upper is fine. Long as it runs.


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