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Prince’s car and motorcycle collection was as unique as the late pop star

Prince, the unforgettable pop icon of the 1980s and beyond, was one of the most eccentric singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, filmmakers and actors the world...

Pick of the Day: 1968 Plymouth GTX numbers-matching convertible

The Pick of the Day is a numbers-matching 1968 Plymouth GTX, one of just 506 GTX convertibles powered by the 440cid Super Commando V8. Chrysler’s...

Pick of the Day: 1957 Plymouth Savoy sedan that tells its own life story

It’s not every day you come across a classified ad for a car that’s written by the car, entirely in the first-person. Yet here...

Pick of the Day: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, the cartoon-based muscle car

Saturday morning cartoons during the 1980s and ’90s in America were never complete without Looney Tunes, and no Looney Tunes conversation could ever omit...

AutoHunter Spotlight: 1963 Plymouth Savoy Super Stock tribute

If you’ve been keeping up with the cars being put up for auction on AutoHunter, driven by ClassicCars.com, you probably didn’t miss this classic...

Bob’s dream cars spotted on AutoHunter auction site

AutoHunter continues to impress with its terrific selection of vehicles offered on the ClaccisCars.com auction platform.  The range of vehicles is equally impressive, hitting...

Pick of the Day: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner drop top– Meep-Meep!

As I perused this ad in ClassiCars.com, Bo Diddley filled my head… I'm a road runner honey; And you can't keep up with meI'm a...

Pick of the Day: 1970 Hemi Cuda, a time capsule driven just 84 miles

“The Lowest Mileage Hemi Cuda On The Planet! PERIOD!” reads the lettering on the windshield of this remarkable time capsule, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda...

Featured listing: Nostalgia Revisited – 1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan

This 1937 Plymouth 2-door Sedan does look suitable for anyone’s burgeoning car collection or simply as a perfect weekend cruiser.

Restored 1967 Plymouth hardtop

The Pick of the Day is a Belvedere II said to be in totally immaculate condition

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