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National racing and driving school directory

From high-level racing schools to driving education programs, discover the driving school best for you

Throughout March, the ClassicCars.com Journal has published a series of stories centered around driving schools, including some first-person accounts. 

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A Dodge Charger set up as a ‘skid car’ for low-traction instruction | Bondurant

We only had time to explore a few different driving schools and our editor’s experience participating in them, but we don’t want you to miss out on discovering the other wonderful racing and driving schools out there. 

So, as we wrap up our Driving School Series, we’ve put together a list of national racing and driving schools to help you find a school that matches your interests. 

Scroll through the list or use the search bar to find a specific school and click on the school’s website link to learn more. 

AMG Driving Academy www.amgacademy.com
Simraceway Perforamnce Driving Centerwww.simracewaydrivingschool.com
Skip Barber Racing Schoolwww.skipbarber.com
Allen Berg Racing Schoolwww.allenbergracingschools.com
Bertil Roos Racing Schoolswww.racenow.com
BMW Performance Driving Schoolwww.bmwusa.com
Radford Racing Schoolwww.radfordracingschool.com
Brainerd International Raceway Performance Driving Schoolwww.birmn.com
Cadillac V-Performance Academywww.springmountainmotorsports.com
Chin Motorsports Driving Schoolwww.chintrackdays.com
Danny McKeever's Fast Lanewww.raceschool.com
Evolution Perfromance Driving Schoolwww.evoschool.com
Ron Fellows Performance Driving Schoolwww.springmountainmotorsports.com
Ford Performance Driving Schoolwww.fordperformanceracingschool.com
Go 4 It Racing Schoolhttps://www.go4itservices.com
Hooked on Drivingwww.hookedondriving.com
Jaguar Driving Academywww.jaguarusa.com/experience-jaguar
Mid-Ohio Acura High Performance Coursewww.midohio.com/school
Richard Petty Driving Experiencewww.drivepetty.com/experiences
Porsche Experience Centerswww.porschedriving.com
Porsche Sport Driving Schoolwww.porschedriving.com
Road America High Performance Driving Schoolwww.roadamerica.com
Corvette Museum Driving Schoolwww.motorsportspark.org
Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing Driving school at Pikes Peakwww.ppir.com
Summit Point Motorsports Parkwww.summitpoint-raceway.com
The Drivers Edgewww.thedriversedge.net
Exotics Racingwww.exoticsracing.com
Bridgestone Winter Driving Schoolwww.winterdrive.com
Team O'Neill Rally Schoolwww.teamoneil.com
DirtFish Rally Schoolwww.dirtfish.com
Pro Drive Racing Schoolwww.prodrive.net
Spring Mountain Motor Sportswww.springmountainmotorsports.com
Frank Hawley Drag Racing Schoolwww.frankhawley.com
Ken Bouchard's Drvie to Victory Lane Racing Schoolwww.drivetovictorylane.com
California Superbike Schoolwww.superbikeschool.com
Cory Kruseman Sprint Car and Midget Driving Schoolwww.kruseman.com
Buck Baker's Seat Time Racing School www.seattimeracingschool.com
Desert Race Schoolwww.desertraceschool.com
Bragg-Smith Advanced Driving School www.bragg-smith.com
Doug Foley's Drag Racing experiencewww.dougfoley.com
Fast Track High Performance Driving Schoolwww.fasttrackracing.com
RallyPro Performance Driving School at The FIRMwww.gorally.com
Bobby Ore Motorsportswww.bobbyoresports.com
Panoz Racing Schoolwww.panozracingschool.com
Rotary Rockets Formula Mazda Race Sessionswww.rotaryrockets.com
Roy Hill's Drag Racing Schoolwww.royhilldragracingschool.com
Stop and Go Drivingwww.stopandgo1.com
OEX Overland Experts www.overlandexperts.com
Primal Motorsports Inc. www.primalracing.com

Driving School Series

Stories exploring numerous driving schools, including some first-person accounts.

Racheal Colbert
Racheal Colbert
An experienced writer and editor, Racheal brings her enthusiasm for collector cars to her role as the Content Manager of the Collector Car Network. Former Content Writer and Marketing Manager in the tech and publishing industry, Racheal brings a fresh perspective to the Journal and the automotive world.


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