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National classic and collector car club directory

From Nissan Cubes, Panteras, BMWs, Porsches and beyond, there’s a car club for every type of enthusiast

Throughout February, the ClassicCars.com Journal has shared a series of stories exploring car clubs and the sense of community and benefits they offer to their members.

Nissan Cube Car Club
Paul Golfen searched the internet for clubs whose members share his appreciation of the Nissan Cube | Jennifer Golfen photos

To view all the stories in the series, visit the landing page.

And though we only had time to explore a handful of those clubs, it’s apparent that there’s a car club for everyone – even for drivers of the Nissan Cube.

So, as we wrap up our Car Club Series, we’ve gathered a list of the national clubs (and a few international clubs) to help you find a community of like-minded collector car enthusiasts.

Scroll through the list or use the search bar to find a specific club and click on the club’s website link to learn more.

National Car ClubWebsite
’54 Ford Club of Americawww.1954ford.com
1949-53 Ford Mercury Associationwww.fordmercassociation.com
1965-66 Full-Size Chevrolet Clubwww.1965-66fullsizechevroletclub.com
356 Registrywww.porsche356registry.org
AC Owners Clubwww.acownersclub.co.uk
Airflow Club of Americawww.aroc-usa.org
Alfa Romeo Owners Clubwww.aroc-usa.org
Allanté Owners Associationwww.allante.com
Allard Owners Clubwww.allardownersclub.org
Alvis Owner Clubwww.alvisoc.org
AMCRC (AMC Rambler Club)www.amcrc.com
American Austin Bantam Clubwww.austinbantamclub.com
American Bugatti Clubwww.americanbugatticlub.org
American Chevelle Enthusiasts Societywww.chevelles.com
American Motors Owners Associationwww.amonational.com
American Truck Historical Society (ATHS)www.aths.org
Antique Automobile Club of Americawww.aaca.org
Antique Motorcycle Club of Americawww.antiquemotorcycle.org
Antique Steam Touring Clubwww.antiquesteamtouringclub.org
Antique Studebaker Clubwww.theantiquestudebakerclub.com
Antique Truck Club of Americawww.antiquetruckclubofamerica.org
Antique Truck Club of Americawww.antiquetruckclub.org
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Clubwww.acdclub.org
Austin Healey Club of Americawww.healeyclub.org
Austin-Healey Club USAwww.healey.org
Austin-Healey Sports & Touring Clubwww.austin-healey-stc.org
Avanti Owners Association Internationalwww.aoai.org
Belltown Antique Car Clubwww.belltownantiquecarclub.org
BMW Car Club of Americawww.bmwcca.org
Bricklin International Owners Clubwww.bricklin.org
British Sports Car Clubwww.britishsportscarclub.com
Buick Club of Americawww.buickclub.org
Buick Heritage Alliancewww.buickheritagealliance.org
Cadillac Country Clubwww.cadillaccountryclub.com
Cadillac LaSalle Club www.cadillaclasalleclub.org
Chalmers Auto Registrywww.chalmersregistry.org
Checker Car Club of Americawww.checkerworld.org
Chevrolet Nomad Associationwww.chevynomadclub.com
Chevy Classics Clubwww.chevyclassicsclub.com
Chrysler Product Owners Clubwww.nationalchryslerproductsclub.org
Citroën Car Club of North Americawww.citroenpieces.com
Classic Car Club of America www.classiccarclub.org
Classic Sports Racing Groupwww.csrgracing.org
Classic Thunderbird Club Internationalwww.ctci.org
Clenet Celebrationwww.clenetclub.com
Club Sportivawww.clubsportiva.com
Cole Motor Car Club of Americawww.colemotorcarregistry.com
Compact Buick Clubwww.chvanational.org
Contemporary Historical Vehicle Associationwww.chvanational.org
Corvair Society of Americawww.corvair.org
Corvette Club of Americawww.vette-club.org
Cosworth Vega Owners Associationwww.cosworthvega.com
Cougar Club of Americawww.cougarclub.org
Crosley Auto Clubwww.crosleyautoclub.com
Crysler 300c Club of Americawww.chrysler300clubinc.com
Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club,www.curveddasholdsmobileclub.com
DAF Club of Americawww.dafclubamerica.proboards.com
Daimler & Lanchester Owners Club of North Americawww.dlocna.org
Datsun/Nissan Z Associationwww.zcca.org
Daytona-Superbird Auto Clubwww.superbirdclub.com
DeLorean Owners Associationwww.deloreanowners.org
Der Kafer Fahrerwww.thegoldenbug.com/en/vw_clubs/d1314/der_kafer_fahrer
Divco Club of Americawww.divco.org
DKW Club of Americawww.dkwclub.org
Dodge Brothers Clubwww.dodgebrothersclub.org
Durant Motors Automobile Clubwww.durantmotors.com
Early Cadillac Groupwww.groups.io/g/EarlyCadillacGroup
Early Ford V8 Clubwww.efv8.org
Edsel Owners Club of Americawww.edselclub.org
Emergency Vehicle Owners & Operators Associationwww.evooa.org
Essex Auto Clubwww.essexautoclub.org
Fairlane Club of Americawww.fca.clubexpress.com
Falcon Club of Americawww.falconclub.com
Ferrari Club of Americawww.ferrariclubofamerica.org
Ford and Mercury Restorers Clubwww.fmrcoa.org
Ford and Mercury Restorers Clubwww.fmrcoa.org
Ford Galaxie Club of Americawww.galaxieclub.com
Ford Model AA Truck Clubwww.maatc.org
Ford Owners Associationwww.fordowners.org
Forward Control Willys Jeep Associationwww.thefcconnection.com
Gardner Auto Owners Registrywww.gardnermotorcars.com
Graham Owners Club Internationalwww.graham-paige.com
GTO Association of Americawww.gtoaa.org
Gull Wing Group Internationalwww.gullwinggroup.org
HH Franklin Clubwww.franklincar.org
Honda 600 Roster of Ownerswww.honda600owners.com
Horseless Carriage Club of Americawww.hcca.org
Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Clubwww.hetclub.org
Hurst/Olds Club of Americawww.hurstolds.com
IH Collectorswww.nationalihcollectors.com
International Amphicar Owners Clubwww.amphicar.com
International Ford Retractable Clubwww.skyliner.org
International King Midget Car Clubwww.kingmidgetcarclub.org
International Mercury Owners Associationwww.mercuryclub.com
International Thunderbird Clubwww.intl-thunderbirdclub.com
International Viper Registrywww.theviperregistry.com
J.I. Case Heritage Foundationwww.caseheritage.org
Jaguar Clubs of North Americawww.jcna.com
Kaiser-Frazer Owners Club Internationawww.kfoci.wildapricot.org
Kissel Kar Klubwww.kisselkar.net
Lambda Car Club Internationalwww.lambdacarclub.com
LaSalle Appreciation Societywww.lasalleas.org
Les Amis de Panhard & Deutsch-Bonnet USAwww.panhardusa.org
Lincoln & Continental Owners Clubwww.lcoc.org
Lincoln Owners Clubwww.loc.clubexpress.com
Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Clubwww.lzoc.org
Manx Dune Buggy Clubwww.manxclub.com
Maserati Club Internationalwww.maserati.com/international
Maserati Owner’s Club of North Americawww.themaseraticlub.com
Mercedes-Benz Club of Americawww.mbca.org
Metropolitan Owners Club of North Americawww.mocna.us
MG Drivers Clubwww.mgdriversclub.com
Miata Club of Americawww.miata.net
Military Vehicle Preservation Association www.mvpa.org
Mitchell Car Clubwww.mitchellcarcollection.com
Model A Ford Cabriolet Clubwww.thecabrioletclub.org
Model A Ford Club of Americawww.mafca.com
Model A Ford Club of Americawww.mafca.com
Model A Restorers Clubwww.model-a-ford.org
Model T Ford Club Internationalwww.modelt.org
Model T Ford Club of Americawww.mtfca.com
Morgan Motor Car Clubwww.morgansportscarclub.com
Morgan Three-Wheeler Clubwww.mtwc.co.uk
Morris Minor Registry of North Americawww.morrisminor.regfox.com
Motor Bus Societywww.motorbussociety.org
Mustang Club of Americawww.mustang.org
Nash Car Club of Americawww.nashcarclub.org
National Antique Oldsmobile Clubwww.antiqueolds.org
National Corvette Owners Associationwww.ncoa-vettes.com
National Corvette Restorers Societywww.ncrs.org
National DeSoto Clubwww.desoto.org
National Firebird & T/A Clubwww.firebirdtaclub.com
National Impala Associationwww.nationalimpala.com
National Muscle Car Associationwww.nmcadigital.com
National Nostalgic Novawww.nnnova.com
National Woddie Clubwww.nationalwoodieclub.com
NH Muscle Carswww.nhmusclecars.com
North American English & European Ford Registrywww.enfostuff.com
North American MGA Registerwww.namgar.com
North American MGB Registerwww.namgbr.org
Oakland Owners Club Internationalwww.oaklandowners.com
Official Velie Registerwww.p10.hostingprod.com
Oldsmobile Club of America www.oldsclub.org
Packard Automobile Classicswww.packardclub.org
Packards Intrnationalwww.packardsinternational.com
Pantera Owners Club of Americawww.poca.clubexpress.com
Pierce Arrow Societywww.pierce-arrow.org
Plymouth Owners Clubwww.plymouthowners.club
Police Car Owners of Americawww.policecarowners.com/
Pontiac GTO Judge Convertible Registrywww.judgeregistry.com
Pontiac-Oakland Club Internationalwww.poci.org
Porsche Club of Americawww.pca.org
Professional Car Societywww.professionalcarsociety.org
REO Club of Americawww.reoclub.org
Rickenbacker Car Club of Americawww.rickenbackermotors.com/
Riviera Owners Associationwww.rivowners.org
Rolls-Royce Owner's Clubwww.rroc.org
Saab Club of North Americawww.saabclub.com
Saxon Registrywww.clubs.hemmings.com/saxontimes
Scripps-Booth Registerwww.scrippsboothregister.com
Shelby American Auto Clubwww.saac.com
Slant 6 Club of Americawww.slantsixclub.com
Society of Automotive Historianswww.autohistory.org
Society of the Preservation & Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in Americawww.spaamfaa.org
Solid Axle Corvette Clubwww.solidaxle.org
Steam Automobile Club of Americawww.steamautomobile.com
Studebaker Drivers Clubwww.studebakerdriversclub.com
Subaru 360 Drivers Clubwww.subaru360club.org
Tatra Enthusiasts Clubwww.tatra-register.co.uk/
TC Americawww.tcamerica.us
Team Saleenwww.saleen.com
The Allard Registerwww.allardregister.org
The Antique Motorcycle Club of America www.antiquemotorcycle.org
The Austin-Healey Club www.healeyclub.org
The Cadillac & LaSalle Clubwww.cadillaclasalleclub.org
The H. H. Franklin Clubwww.franklincar.org
The Hummer Clubwww.thehummerclubinc.com
The Marmon Clubwww.themarmonclub.com
The Mercedes-Benz Club of America www.mbca.org
The New England MG-T Registerwww.nemgtr.org
The Packard Truck Organizationwww.packardclub.org
The Stutz Clubwww.stutzclub.org
Midstates Jeepster Associationwww.midstatesjeepster.com
Thunderbird Sport Roadster Societywww.vintagethunderbirdclub.net
Toronado Owners Associationwww.toronado.org
Toyota 2000 GT Owner's Clubwww.toyotaownersclub.com
Toyota Owners and Restorers Clubwww.toyotaclub.org
Tri-Chevy Associationwww.tca567.homestead.com
Triumph Register of Americawww.triumphregister.com
Tucker Auto Club of Americawww.tuckerclub.org
TVR Car Club of North Americawww.tvrccna.org
Ultra Van Motor Coach Clubwww.ultravan.org
Vintage Chevrolet Club of America www.vcca.org
Vintage Motor Car Club of Americawww.vmcca.org
Vintage Sports Car Club of Americawww.vscca.org
Vintage Thunderbird Club Internationalwww.vintagethunderbirdclub.net
Vintage Triumph Registerwww.vtr.org
Vintage Volkswagen Club of Americawww.vvwca.com
Volkswagen Club of Americawww.vwclub.org
Volvo Club of Americawww.vcoa.org
Volvo Enthusiasts Club/Jensen 1800 Registerwww.v1800.org
Volvo Sports Americawww.vsa.org/
White Steam Registry,www.whitesteamcar.com/
Willys Aero Survival Countwww.clubs.hemmings.com/willysaero/
Willys -Overland Jeepster Clubwww.jeepsterclub.com/club.com/
Z Magnette Groupwww.zmgna.org/

Car Club Series

Stories exploring numerous car clubs around the globe and their impact on the collector car market.

Racheal Colbert
Racheal Colbert
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