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National classic and collector car club directory

Throughout February, the ClassicCars.com Journal has shared a series of stories exploring car clubs and the sense of community and benefits they offer to...

Foundational differences: BMW car club has special appeal

A special and low-cost training program for new drivers and a museum and archival library separate the BMW Car Club of America from other such groups.

‘It’s not the cars, it’s the people,’ says Porsche Club director

(Editor’s note: As part of our month-long series on car clubs, we’re sharing this interview with Vu Nguyen, executive director of the Porsche Club...

My Car Club Story: Venice AACA Car Club is a snowbird’s winter haven

Venice, Florida, nestled on Florida’s Gulf Coast and the Shark Tooth Capital of the World, is still somewhat untouched by the current migration of northerners or seasonal winter ‘Snowbirds’ moving to or visiting Florida.

My Car Club Story: How my son Paul found Nissan Cube camaraderie online

(Editor’s note: During the month of February, the ClassicCars.com Journal presents a series of stories exploring car clubs and what they offer to the collector car...

My Car Club Story: Never too early or too late to join a car club

From the time I bought my second car, a very rusty 1968 Porsche 912 Targa, I have been a member of a car club, though at first it wasn’t by choice.

My Car Club Story: MGs to Porsches, and the clubs where I belonged

Finally, you got that classic car that you’ve always wanted, parked it in your garage and have it ready for whatever activity you have envisioned, from car shows to joyful road tours. So, what next?

My Car Club Story: Thrilling drive with Pantera Owners Club

Tom Bechtel, ClassicCars.com’s director of operations, kicks off the series today, sharing his experience as a member of the Pantera Owners Club of America.

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