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Retro-styled concept car packed with futuristic features

Kyocera’s Moeye puts emphasis on rider space and information in an autonomously driven but retro-styled package


Founded in 1959 in Japan as the Kyoto Ceramic Company, what is now known as Kyocera soon began producing multi-layered ceramic package for large-scale integrated computer circuits and has expanded into electronic devices, industrial and automotive components, as well as other areas under the banner of “The future is what we create.”

In 2018, Kyocera and electric-vehicle startup GLM unveiled the original Kyocera Concept Car, a roadster fitted with advanced technologies, including electronic mirrors, 360-degree cameras, a dashboard LCD touch-screen with haptic feedback, high-definition Heads-Up display, all to enhance safety while paving the way for autonomous travel.

Moeye, Retro-styled concept car packed with futuristic features, ClassicCars.com Journal
Kyocera did its first concept vehicle with start-up EV producer GLM

Now comes the second Kyocera concept vehicle, Moeye, a retro-styled vehicle focused on interior space in the coming age of autonomous driving vehicles. Moeye was created with input from the University of Tokyo’s research center for advanced science and technology and features “unique optical camouflage technology to widen the passenger’s field of vision by making part of the cockpit functionally transparent.”

While no longer driving, occupants see the road ahead projected as a virtual 3D image above the dashboard. This space also explains navigation instructions and other information to the occupants.  

The car also features Kyocera’s Ceraphic LED lighting technologies and “Kyoto Opal,” laboratory-grown gemstones, in a jewelry-style interior trim. Other features include “haptivity” panels that provide feedback like a physical button, Piezo-integrated vibration speakers, even customizable cabin fragrances.

Moeyes design theme is Time’,” said Ryuhei Ishimaru, lead designer. “This concept car is designed to embody the history of the automobile from the traditional to Kyocera’s ‘car of the future.’  

“The exterior profile evokes a classic coupe, while the details and geometric form give a clear sense of the future. The interior, which incorporates cutting-edge technology, has new shapes and warm textures that remind one of the era of hand-built craftsmanship. The cockpit features a minimalist design with a futuristic feel suitable for experiencing virtual reality. 

“You can feel the future emerge from automotive tradition in ways that engage more of the five human senses, rather than shape and design alone.”

“Through Moeye, Kyocera has developed a surprising, exciting and priceless new transportation experience with a futuristic cockpit and original vehicle design,” added Masahiro Inagaki, Kyocera senior executive officer. “Kyocera combines a number of unique devices and technologies to create a concept car that entertains a variety of human senses — sight, touch, hearing, and scent.

“We will continue research and development on devices and technologies that contribute to enhanced safety and comfort in an era of automated driving and mobility as a service.”

Larry Edsall
Larry Edsall
A former daily newspaper sports editor, Larry Edsall spent a dozen years as an editor at AutoWeek magazine before making the transition to writing for the web and becoming the author of more than 15 automotive books. In addition to being founding editor at ClassicCars.com, Larry has written for The New York Times and The Detroit News and was an adjunct honors professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.


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