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Rivian announces electric truck and SUV launch prices

You can place your order for the Launch Edition on November 23


We first saw Rivian appear in the all-electric automotive space in 2018 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, where the company revealed its R1T ute and R1S SUV.

The Michigan-based EV startup, founded by RJ Scaringe, set out to combine electrification with self-driving capabilities in both SUVs and trucks, to create what it calls the first Electric Adventure Vehicles.

This week, Rivian opened its configuration website for the R1T ute and R1S SUV for pre-order customers and will open the ordering process to the public November 23.

On the configuration site, you can pick your color, interior, battery range, wheels and tires, and reserve a Launch Edition vehicle with R1T deliveries starting June 2021 and R1S in August 2021.

Rivian R1T ute

The Launch Edition for both vehicles comes with the 300+ mile battery pack and the premium Adventure Package. This package comes standard with the Off-Road Upgrade and hands-free driving assistance.

“The Adventure Package features our premium interior with heated and cooled perforated vegan leather seats, natural-grained ash wood throughout the cabin and out immersive Rivian Elevation 360’ audio system with removable Bluetooth speaker,” Rivian said in its announcement.

Rivian interior

Starting prices are set at $75,000 for the R1T ute and $77,500 for the R1S SUV, both with the 300+ mile range.

Rivian also announced the specifics of the Explore Package scheduled to begin deliveries in January 2022. With this package, “a sport interior features matte black finishes throughout the cabin with heated, performance-stitched vegan leather seating,” said Rivian. “In the R1T, there’s a manual tonneau cover that stores easily in the Gear Tunnel. The panels are also designed to lock together to double as a camp table.”

The Explore Package prices start at $67,500 for the R1T ute and $70,000 for the RIS SUV.

While each vehicle is equipped with the 300+ mile pack, a 400+ mile pack will be available for the R1T ute in January 2022.

In anticipation of the launch, Scaringe tweeted a picture of the R1T ute saying, “My kids want blue :).” We don’t blame them!  

Racheal Colbert
Racheal Colbert
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  1. Truly the ugliest front end on any vehicle ever. But it’s vegan! Buy one and help save the planet so it doesn’t explode in 12 years, wait, that must be about 10 years by now, oh who’s counting. Let’s just make more lithium batteries! so we don’t have to buy gas from the evil oil companies! Electricity is free right?!?!
    Oh wait, producing those batteries is actually worse for the environment than drilling for oil. Oh who cares they do that in China.
    A whole bunch of people bought these defective trucks based on all that eviro BS from a bunch of politicians who happen to be making a ton of money on that enviro BS, YOUR MONEY! You morons
    Wow, what a bunch of fools.


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