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Featured listing: A Sexy Senior – 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

Sexy is in the eye of beholder, but is bigger really better?


This Marketplace featured listing is a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII for sale in Parowan, Utah. A couple decades ago, the Lincoln brand was known for something far different than today.

1998 was an entertaining time. After all, how often do you get to hear about the sexual exploits of the President of the United States on the nightly news? 

Just two years before a new millennium, there was a sense of expectation. A new era was just around the corner. The country was leaning-in on new tech, Google was founded. Microsoft became the biggest company in the world. It was the rise of Britney Spears. Sadly, the year marked the passing of Frank Sinatra, which only emphasized the passing of the torch.  

1998 Lincoln Mark VIII
1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

The prior generations were feeling a little older as 2000 approached, yet never count them out. Astronaut (and senator) John Glenn captured the imagination of the young and old by returning to space. And, just because one gets older does not mean one can’t be vital. Viagra scores an FDA approval in ’98, to the relief of many a senior citizen.

Lincoln was dealing with its own issues. Its customer base was getting older and reducing in numbers, but still loyal. A deviation to a more competitive product able to take on the European brands, could mean the loss of its fan base. Eventually, that would have to happen (in the 2000 model year). In the meanwhile, the brand needed to roll up its sleeves and cater to the its traditional buyers and make do with its current crop of products.

The Mark VIII was initially released in 1993 and updated with a facelift in 1997. This coupe only model was not a small car. In fact, 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII grew nearly five inches longer and four inches wider than the preceding Mark VII. This provided for a roomy interior. At the time, the model was well-appointed with all manner of luxury touches, like HID headlamps, six-way power seating with lumbar support, leather seating, illuminated keyless entry, express down power side window (driver side), puddle lamps, interior theater lighting, and more.

1998 Lincoln Mark VIII
1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

The new 4.6-liter, all-aluminum, DOHC, V8 has the distinction of being the first of Ford’s modular engine family. 280 horsepower and 285 lb.-ft of torque was ample for the white shoe, senior crowd. This was coupled to the same automatic transmission as the earlier models but had upgrades for greater durability. In the 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII, the suspension really shines. Besides having independent suspension in each corner, and rear stabilizer bars the features an air-suspension that’s computer controlled and able to lower the car at higher speeds. Not only is does this trick reduce aerodynamic drag, let’s face it, it’s just damn cool.

This particular Charcoal painted 1998 is set up with a trunk mounted CD player and the cast aluminum directional wheels. The interior is in Prairie Tan color.

This is set up to be a smooth cruiser, and agility is not the strong suit given the dimensions. However, the writing was on the wall long before the 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII hit the streets. This modeled sailed into the sunset gracefully as the next chapter in Lincoln’s story was about to unfold.

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