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Featured listing: Big Impressions – 1967 Austin Mini Mark ll

It's a Mini, which means more - just in a smaller package!


This ClassicCars.com Marketplace featured listing is a 1967 Austin Mini Mark ll for sale in Cresthill, Illinois. This car left a mark on the world and small cars would never be the same, nor would they be easily dismissed.

In the middle of the last century, car companies weren’t the corporation we know today. Back then, the heads of companies were passionate, wildcats, and mavericks. All sorts of names come to mind. Certainly, Carroll Shelby, Enzo Ferrari, Colin Chapman, and Preston Tucker before them, all had the right stuff. These were enthusiasts, and selling cars was a means to an end. And, then there was Leonard Lord.

1967 Austin Mini Mark ll
1967 Austin Mini Mark ll

Now, Lord is not the name that rolls off most tongues when the conversation turns to popular cars, innovation, or racing, yet Leonard Lord is right there with the best of them. Does the name British Motor Corporation (BMC) ring a bell? Well, Leonard was the head of BMC in 1956, at the same time as the Suez fuel crisis was unfolding in England. This motivated him to go all-in on a small, economical car. 

But, it was Alec Issigonis, recruited a year before by Leonard, that created a landmark vision of what a minimalistic car could be. Lord wanted a product that was superior to the Fiat 500, which he had no love for. Lord dictated the package of 10’ x 4’ x 4’ for the new car, and the combined passenger and luggage area was to be 6’ long. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the car had to use an existing BMC motor.

1967 Austin Mini Mark ll
1967 Austin Mini Mark ll

Alec created ample space by mounting the engine transversely, driving the front wheels, which became the standard of nearly all small cars up to the present day. Additionally, other space saving and cost saving ideas were incorporated, such as having the weld seams and door hinges on the exterior, and the elimination of inner door panels, and employing ten-inch wheels with tires developed just for this by Dunlop. Both the engine and transmission shared a sump for lubrication. The suspension used rubber cones instead of typical springs initially, and then the suspension switched to the more compliant, Hydrolastic system developed by BMC, and implemented on the Mini in 1964, and also found its way into the 1967 Austin Mini Mark ll.

When this came to market, consumers were quick to find that the unintended result of this short wheel-base was a car with nimble, go-kart handling. Modified versions with more power and bigger brakes were developed for racing and dubbed the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper “S”. These were entered in a venue that showcased the virtues of the Mini, the Monte Carlo Rally. These cars dominated the coastal town with first place wins in 1964, 65, 66, and 67 (disqualified in ’66 over a headlight dispute, of all things). These Minis were small but mighty, and they earned a reputation as a winner. 

1967 Austin Mini Mark ll
1967 Austin Mini Mark ll

This brilliant 1967 Austin Mini Mark ll for sale is a treat for the eyes. The blue paint makes this come alive on this straight body. The larger rear glass and a grill that differs from the prior generation are identifying features of the second-gen ‘67. Topping the visuals is the Union Jack boldly displaying upon the roof.

And, this should be equally fun to drive with a smooth operating four-speed manual transmission and left-hand drive (not common). The white leather seating with gray piping appears to also be in good shape. The golden warmth of the classic wood panel dash and steering wheel also provides a nostalgic feel to this Mini.

1967 Austin Mini Mark ll
1967 Austin Mini Mark ll

The engine is as clean as the exterior in this 1967 Austin Mini Mark ll, which is to say impressive. Recently the car has been inspected and any issues have been sorted and repaired as needed. The current owners wish this to be problem free and reliable transportation for the next owner.  

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  1. Sorry, that’s not a Mk2. The Austin grille, outside door hinges, sliding windows, small tail lights and hinge down rear number plate all mark it as a Mark l.
    Oh, and the leather upholstery should be in good condition because it’s not as old as the rest of the car.
    And another thing: don’t forget to do as your beloved prssident tells you, not as he does.


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