DIYers rejoice: Automotive Touchup is rescuing your paint project


Saying I had no idea where to start before acquiring the Automotive Touchup products would have been an understatement when it came to repair the paint on my 2003 Subaru WRX.  The company offers products, prep, steps and supplies — plus an all-star support team available via phone.

Automotive Touchup paint repair products
Automotive Touchup Aerosol primer, basecoat and clearcoat as well as their touchup paint kit.

With the easy web color-match tool, all I had to do was enter the year, make and model of my car to get the exact color code: 13V Sonic Yellow. 

Two-tone color combinations were even available as an option. And if you didn’t see your color, no problem, there was a prompt at the bottom with suggestions on other potential vehicles that may have been the correct choice, and a phone number to call if all else fails. 

Still skeptical?  Scroll further and reviews from owners of your same vehicle are listed.

Automotive Touchup products used to repair paint on front lip
After years of abuse, the front molded lip needed some attention.

The project I decided to take on was to repair the paint on the molded lip I have on my front bumper that had a nice variety of damage.  Some areas had cracks in the paint, some rock chips, and in other areas the paint was completely chipped off. 

I opted in to use the aerosol spray cans since I’ve no experience or paint tools available and, based on the recommendation of the support team, one can each of basecoat, primer and clearcoat would suffice.

Automotive Touchup Aerosol Spray Can Trigger and Pre-Taped Masking Film and Dispenser
Aerosol Spray Can Trigger and Pre-Taped Masking Film and Dispenser

One very helpful accessory recommended by the support team due to the size of the surface area I was hoping to repair was the Aerosol Spray Can Trigger.  This trigger not only provided a better hold on the can to coat the surface evenly, but helped reduce any finger fatigue that would typically occur with using the can the standard way. 

Another accessory that proved to be a time saver was the Pre-Taped Masking Film with Dispenser.  The tape was very adhesive without leaving a residue and, with the bonus of already having the masking film attached, it made for quick taping of the project area.

Other products included were paint prep surface wipe, sandpaper 5 1/2” x 9” variety pack (180, 320, 600, 1000, and 1500 grit), and rubber sanding block. 

One thing I did forget to get was the scuff pads that Automotive Touchup offers.  Total cost before shipping and taxes: $59.13.  Not having to purchase in larger quantities or more commercial tools helps keep this project cost effective for the standard DIYer like myself.

Automotive Touchup basecoat

When my kit arrived, it was in the middle of summer, so I had to wait for the Arizona temperatures to drop to the recommended 70-80 degrees. 

In this video, every step and process are documented, including the utilization of the aerosol cans with the assistance of a more experienced DIYer, Matt Soppa.  He has repainted several body panels on his own vehicles using more advanced methods and tools, so his guidance, in addition to the support team’s guidance, made for a quick two-day project. 

Automotive Touchup aerosal can

I was pleasantly surprised by how fine the spray from the can was, but wasn’t a big fan of the rubber sanding block as it was a bit slow to use.  In some areas, bondo body filler was needed, which again was something I didn’t anticipate needing.  Luckily, my DIY assistant had plenty.

Automotive Touchup

I also acquired the touchup bottles of the basecoat, primer, and clearcoat but ended up opting out of using then due to the nature of the current sun-faded color.  What I repaired was right at a body line, so the variation in shade of yellow isn’t as noticeable, and I didn’t want to risk giving my car chicken pox with the smaller touchup brush method.  Unfortunately, I ended up not using it at all and will hold onto it for the time the front lip needs any touchup. 

One aerosol can of the primer, basecoat, and clear coat was a little more than just enough to do 2-3 coats of each.

Automotive Touchup products have inspired me to be more of a proactive DIYer.  The ease in using their products and the available support team instills quite a bit of confidence in my ability to address minor to medium paint repairs on not only my Subaru, but also on my Ducati. 

Overall, the tools, finish and color met and exceeded my expectations. 

Learn more about Automotive Touchup products by visiting their website.

Rebecca is an experienced automotive motorsports photographer and enthusiast of all things with wheels. Former Marketing and Project Coordinator for several aftermarket brands, Rebecca has a unique perspective developed from being on several different sides of the automotive world. From developing innovative automotive products to doing her own DIY modifications on her 2003 Subaru WRX and 2014 Ducati Monster, Rebecca’s passion for the hobby brings fresh ideas to The Journal. In addition, she has spent many years publishing event coverage for events like SEMA, Formula Drift, and Global RallyCross while coordinating the annual Future Collector Car Show in Scottsdale Arizona.


  1. Automotive Touchup products are terrible when considering anything used with spray cans. They have an extremely long lead time as well as the cans splatter paint versus spraying. This is true with the primer and base coat.


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