Coys offers trove of exotic car parts at upcoming auction

Coys offers trove of exotic car parts at upcoming auction

Vintage Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Aston Martin stuff is on the docket

Auction house Coys International says it will present “an extremely rare opportunity to acquire sought after spare parts for Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin and Lamborghini models” at its November 23 auction at its showroom in Richmond, UK.

The parts, from a single-owner collection, range from those for sports cars from the 1950s to current models, the auction house added, listing, among others, “dozens of starter motors, alternators, brake servos and calipers from 1950s 250 Ferraris to 3500 Maserati’s which are no longer in manufacture.”

The docket for the “Bellissime Parti di Automobili & The Best of British” sale includes around 200 lots.

A pair of AP Lockheed servos for Aston Martin

“It is a one-off opportunity for parts providers, restoration facilities and collectors to acquire these parts that are no longer available elsewhere,” said Nick Wells, Coys’ senior auction director.

Coys’ announcement said the docket also includes “complete sets of all the Bosch K-jet and Bosch KE-Jet fuel injection equipment fitted to 1980s and early 1990s Ferrari V8 and V12 which are no longer in manufacture with Bosch. The sale will also present variety of dash parts for early 250 cars, assorted body panels, wheels, suspension and engine and other electrical components.

“Core parts of Maserati Cars going under the hammer are several early V8 engines, bellhousings, S5-325 gearbox, brake calipers and hydraulic components for pre-1980s Maserati Straight 6 and V8 engine cars.”

Sets of hydraulic components for the Citroen-era Maserati cars and Lucas fuel injection components for early six-cylinder cars are also up for auction. It includes large variety of suspension parts for early front engine cars, assorted body parts, wheels, suspension, engine and electrical components.

“Collection of Aston Martin spare parts going on sale are the all starter motors, dynamos and alternators from DB4 up to late AMV8, brake servos and calipers from DB4-AMV8. A variety of NOs components for DB5/6 cars and all water pumps from DB4-late AMV8 will also go under the hammer.

“Lamborghini parts that can be seen in the auction include a selection of koni shocks fitted to early Lamborghini cars, a variety of brake hydraulic components for early V12 cars and core components for early V8 cars.”

For more information, and to see the full docket, visit the Coys website.

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