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Father’s Day: Family bonds over love of woodies


Editor’s note: As a way to celebrate Father’s Day, we posted every story we received as part of our Collecting Cars, Collecting Memories contest. Thank you to all who submitted.

There is something special about vehicles with wood panels and, in this case, a 1991 Final Edition Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

This is actually my car — my dad never had one — but the memories with this car with my dad and that of my sons are priceless. From a write-up in Hagerty Magazine and multiple parades, to being the official tailgate car for Korbel Champagne and the car being used as a movie prop with my dad in May 2016 owning this car has made my relationship with my family all the more special.

My dad later painted a picture of the car to hang in my automotive man cave.

The best memories are the simple trips piling as many as we can (dad included) to the rod runs, Jeep Jambories, and other automotive related festivities. These memories will forever be cherished all thanks to my woodie!

-Jason Paynter from Louisville, Kentucky




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