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This Caddy is designed for office use

Since it’s only half a car, let’s call this the “Not Quite the Pick of the Day,” though it may be among the most...

Andy’s MGB GT restoration project resumes

Editor’s note: The first sports car driven by our East Coast editor, Andy Reid, was an MGB, back when he was just 14 years...

Carlisle’s Auto Mania celebrates 30 years

Auto Mania celebrated 30 years recently with Carlisle Events’ annual indoor (and outdoor) swap meet at the Allentown Fairgrounds and its Agri-Plex Building. “Thousands” of...

Mychanic updates its already wonderful floor jack

3T Los Profile Floor Jack designed to fit beneath even low-slung vehicles

Don’t spill: Here’s the correct way to pour oil

Maybe the video will save someone from a future mess and valve cover to clean

Vintage Wires gets new website

Company specializes in wiring solutions for classic and custom vehicles

See how professionals repair curb rash and scuffed wheels

The shop's repairs to the wheel are nearly invisible

Watch a 2JZ engine teardown and learn what makes it so tough

The video is pure zen for the mechanical types, so sit back and enjoy the teardown

Reborn Harley-Davidson watch to be sold at auction

Original 1920 pocket watch restored as a wristwatch, and its sale will benefit National Watch and Clock Museum

Woodworking company celebrates 90 years with vintage Chevy truck banks

Like the Chevrolet National AB, Woodcarft Supply launched in 1928

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