Tags The Fast & the Furious Week

Tag: The Fast & the Furious Week

Love it or hate it, you can’t argue impact of ‘The Fast & the Furious’

One film ignited a franchise and turned a new generation on to cars

What almost was: Meet the man who changed the course of ‘The Fast & the Furious’

The Fast & the Furious would have been a very different movie if not for Craig Lieberman

Meeting Paul Walker, a laid-back good guy unsullied by movie fame

In 2001, I went with the newspaper’s movie reviewer to interview the star of ‘The Fast and The Furious’ in his hotel room

Let’s chat: ‘Fast & Furious,’ charity work and cars with Cody Walker

We caught up with Cody Walker to talk ‘Fast and Furious,’ his worldwide charity efforts and cars

Like James Dean, Paul Walker has become an icon for a generation of car enthusiasts

Actors’ deaths ignited interest in Boomers, Millennials — and in future generations as well?

‘Fast & Furious’ still driving some car prices nearly 20 years later

Some models from the film will fetch top dollar, but without modifications

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