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Pick of the Day: 1964 Cheetah Chassis #007

Old cars sell best when there is an intriguing back story. The best car salesmen throughout history could wow a prospective buyer with a...

Sunday Documentary: Fast Cars

https://youtu.be/2gTlV57IlT4 Fast Cars is an older film about the rise of supercars. If you love mountain roads, technology and tire screeching fun, well, see for...

Road America: The Concours will go on

Road America will continue the tradition of its race car and road car concours events during the WeatherTech International Challenge weekend July 23-26 – albeit not...

Video of the Day: Drag racing follies

Drag racing is usually some serious business, except when it turns into comedy.  Here’s a compilation of drag-racing mishaps that shows what happens when...

Saturday Matinee: Bobby Rahal’s Garage

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX7cO8ez98o Bobby Rahal has been a fixture in racing for many years. He has competed in just about every form of motorsport on the biggest stages...

Tom’s top-10 favorite car-related groups on Facebook

Like hundreds of millions of people on this planet, I have become part of many social media communities. Each seems to serve a different...

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