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Tag: Electro-mods

Rear view: No. 7 – Electrification of collector cars

So, let’s put this in a perspective that baby boomers will understand. You know baby boomers, they’re the folks who have made the collector...

Electro-mods: Company has plans for converting collector cars to electric power

Founded in 2015 to convert vintage vehicles, especially 4x4 off-roaders, to electric power, Zero Labs Automotive has unveiled a new electric-powered chassis designed to...

British kit electrifies vintage Minis

A British powertrain specialist has announced a kit that converts vintage Minis to electric power. Swindon Powertrain said its Classic Mini Kit starts at...

Electra-mods are a way to preserve vintage sheet metal

We’ve recently witnessed what could be considered a seminal event in collector car history

What’s the future of ‘electra-mods’?

More than 64 percent responding to recent poll reject electric power for vintage vehicles

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