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What’s the future of ‘electra-mods’?


Those who participated in our most recent poll aren’t eager for the spread of “electra-mods” such as the electric-powered E-type Jaguar used in the recent British royal marriage.

Only 36.36 percent of those voting said electroa-mods will become as accepted by the collector-car community as “resto-mods,” which combine restoration of vintage vehicles with modern powertrains.

Nearly 64 percent expressed doubts about the future acceptance of electric powertrains in vintage vehicles.

Our question for this week is “How many collector cars are too many?” You can vote in the right-hand column of the home page.


  1. I look forward to the day when EV’s are ubiquitous , I’m 51 and have been swapping this into that since I started hanging around garages back in the mid ’70s , I like the idea of a mass produced EV drive train swapped into ?????

    • I can’t believe so many people are in denial? Even F1 is mulling the day they turn into FE (Formula Electric). The whole idea of an "electro mod" isn’t to suddenly replace all gas powered classic cars, but to create a new category. I own a ’65 Mustang convertible, 6 cyl, auto and am considering replacing the rather underpowered motor with an electric drivetrain. What’s the downside? No rumble from the exhaust? I’ll take that tradeoff for more power, greater reliability and environmental awareness. If your excuse is an electric can’t go as far as gas, I hardly drive it long distances now (just like most classic car owners). The future is coming whether people think it ought to or not.


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