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Ever wonder what driver-assist technology will cost?

If you’re perusing this website, you not only know MPG and RPM, but DOHC and even CFM. But do you know ADAS? ADAS is short...

Driverless cars will race at Indy

The famed Borg-Warner Trophy features the images of every driver who has won the Indianapolis 500-mile auto race. But a new race is scheduled...

Europe’s largest car-testing facility has focus on autonomous vehicles

When constructions is completed at Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, the ZalaZone will be the largest automotive testing facility in Europe, and is being built not only...

Bookshelf: Driving = freedom

For those born so far in this century and for most of the last, securing a driver’s license has been a rite of passage,...

Field of dreams: Autonomous vehicles heading to the farm

Highways and byways aren’t the only places autonomous electric vehicles are headed. According to a 215-page report by IDTechEx, a market research that specializes...

Electrifying news about the future of the road trip

I arrived at an interesting intersection a few days ago.  It began with the arrival of a news release from Electrify America, announcing the completion...

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